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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Feeling great today!

After my workout yesterday evening, I woke up feeling good and without an ache or a pain!   I certainly didn't overdo the exercise on my first time back in 6 weeks, but I gave it a good effort and felt sore and worn out until I went to bed last night.  Can't wait to go back.

This morning I went to the post office to pick up a couple of flat rate boxes, and then decided to go just a little further to LaBou for a BLT on a croissant.  I just finished the sandwich and it was heavenly!  

The last time I was at Costco I bought a Sonicare toothbrush, but after using it a couple of times I found I don't like it.  I wish I had just gotten a plain old (cheaper) automatic toothbrush.  The Sonicare is way too strong for sensitive teeth, and so I avoid the one or two teeth that bothered me.  Using a regular toothbrush has posed no problems, so I figured I am better off to use the old-fashioned no-tech brush.  

Back when I had a 5th wheel I took out a subscription to Trailer Life.  There was a special that I heard about - something like 5 yrs for $5.  I'm still getting that darned magazine and I haven't had a 5ver for several years.  I usually put it in the laundry room's reading rack.  Paging through it this morning I found an ad for Little Guy teardrop trailers, so I spent some time online looking at their offerings.  They have increased the choices for sure.  There was a time when I wanted a teardrop in the worst way, but I think I'm over that now.    I still like the idea of them although I wouldn't want to stay overnight in one of them in a Walmart, Cracker Barrel, or casino lot.  It's that same old fact that you "have to get out to get in".   Don't ask me why I'm even looking or thinking about any kind of RV, but I think I will always enjoy seeing what's out there.

A lot of years ago I had an AARP membership, but decided to drop it the past several years.  I haven't missed it - about the only thing I ever used it for was to request a senior discount at motels.   Most motels will give the discount with proof of age, and my driver's license is fine.  I think I've run into one Motel 6 that told me they only accept AARP, even though the Motel 6 chain's policy is to accept proof of age.  I think individual motels can set their own policy in many cases, but they usually only do it to comply with local ordinances.   If any readers know of a good reason to belong to AARP other than senior discounts at motels/hotels, I 'd like to hear about it.  I think back when I first joined the dues were under $5 a year - now they want $16 a year and I just don't see any benefit for me.

Feeling pretty good after my nice lunch I'm tempted to hit the couch for a little nap.  Maybe I should wash some dishes first - I really miss having a working dishwasher.   I think I'll just wash the dishes after my nap.


  1. I'm on the AARP health plan, so I have to join to get that....

  2. You keep looking at RV magazines because, once an RVer, always an RVer.

  3. I joined on a matter of principle. I want someone lobbying on my behalf rather than all the lobbyists being corporate ones.

    Even in my stix n' brix I had too few dishes not to wash them by hand. Haven't had a dishwasher since the one we put in the farmhouse had its seals dry out from lack of use over 15 years ago. :-)

  4. I like Dizzy Dick's comment!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. Rod, You do not have to have an AARP membership to have their health plan. It is separate. We have the health plan and I did not renew the AARP. No problem.

  6. I have AARP medical and I do not belong to AARP. I got sick of all the mail they sent all the time and I mean mail it was overwhelming.

    I love looking at RV's I like the little tear drop but wouldn't have one because of the in ability to stand up. And like you you have to get out to get in.

    So happy to hear you are feeling really well again.

  7. Hi Gypsy, it's great to hear that your are feeling better and enjoyed a nice meal. Have you considered a Scamp or a Casita? They look small and compact and might be ideal. I wish you well on decision making.. Take care!

  8. Remember the Clark Cortez? It was a small Class A, with front wheel drive, and could be parked in a space for a car. About 15 years ago I saw something similar, but a little bigger, but small compared to the average Class A. I liked it because it had a very low roof line, as it had no "basement" storage lockers. The floor was very low, so fewer steps. I think it was called "Americar" or something similar, and it was made in Sacramento. I've been looking for one ever since, but no luck. I did see a small ad for it once in an RV magazine. I thought it was perfect with all the conveniences of a Class A. I wish I could find a link to some brochures.

  9. I got the temporary AARP card in the mail one day, and just stuck it in my pocket thinking I would check it out later. I was on my way to pick up my new glasses, and it turned out that the optical shop (Shopko, not sure how widespread their stores are but there are a couple in Sioux Falls SD) gave a 30% discount for AARP if you bought frames and lenses, 15% for just lenses. The small membership fee was more than paid by what I saved on the $400 glasses I bought. I've kept AARP solely for that reason although I've also used it at hotels a few times. I usually forget to ask if a store takes it, so there may be a lot more places that do.

  10. I watched some interesting videos yesterday about the Little Guy, The T@B, and the R-Pod. They were all really "cute", but there is always the "getting out to get in" factor, plus never being able to stand up inside, and having to wait for good weather to be able to cook on the outside of the trailer.

    Looked like the R-Pod provided standing room, and an inside kitchen, but it is a lot heavier - would require about a 4,000# towing capacity, which is probably more than your Highlander can handle.

    I found this thread regarding towing with a 2008 Highlander. Not sure if this is the correct year for your vehicle.


    Virtual hugs,


  11. You sound so cheerful, I am glad to see the old Gypsy is back.

    I have never owned an RV and probably never will but I do enjoy looking at RV magazines and videos of full-timers on YouTube.

  12. I'm with Dizzy Dick. Once an RV'er always an RV'er. The AARP pays a big portion of eye appt and glasses, that's the only reason I stay with them.

    Good to see you're doing so much better.

  13. I'm playing catch-up - a few days late reading this post, but I wanted to tell you to pack up your tooth brush and take it back. Costco is so good about taking returns. I just returned my FILA running shoes that I bought there a couple of months ago. I wore them while taking walks with Katie and they were a little dirty, but they took them back without any problem. I bought a size 7, which felt fine in the store, but when walking they were too short. I love their return policy. It was a couple of months, though, before I was near another Costco, but for $20, worth going in. :)