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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Conserving water

I keep hearing that to conserve water one should limit their showers to 5 minutes.  I had no idea how long I take, so I brought my kitchen timer along with me and set it to 5 minutes.  I even washed my hair - something I do about every other day - and by the time the bell rang I had turned off the water and was wiping down the shower walls with a squeegee.  So on days when I don't wash my hair I shouldn't take more than 3-1/2 to 4 minutes.  I rarely take a long shower, ever since 1997 when I attempted to hike the entire Appalachian Trail at one go.  I learned to appreciate water and to not waste it, and that has stayed with me for most of the time I'd say.  According to weather and climate forecasters, as well as scientists, there is not only a shortage due to lack of rainfall in the west, but a disaster waiting to happen because of pumping the groundwater which doesn't get replaced.
It's kind of scary to me to think of the future for my kids and grandkids.

I thought about going to Costco today, but now that I'm all cleaned up, hair dried and styled, I realize I don't want to drive anywhere this weekend.  Unless I can think of a good reason or something that I really need today, I'll just stay home and wait for the predicted 98 degree high.  How I intensely dislike hot weather!

I had a fan aimed at me most of yesterday afternoon, and I found myself drinking water constantly.  I added more salt to my dinner to compensate for the dilution of what I have in my system.  I usually don't worry about using salt and although I try to keep it at a medium level, my hand gets a little heavy with the salt shaker sometimes.  

 Stay safe especially if you go out into the  Memorial Day traffic.


  1. We have been staying home this weekend. I am just being lazy, but the RV is still in the shop and we don't need groceries, just got them Friday.

  2. When I take a shower I often think of the women in third world countries that have to walk for miles to get their daily water. That thought always gets me to take a quick shower and I often still feel guilty.

  3. Not a good weekend to be out and about. It's nuts in Detroit Lakes.

  4. Here in the panhandle of FL, it seems that everybody from the surrounding states have invaded the beaches here. Did not go anywhere:)

  5. Staying home on holiday weekends is usually the safest thing to do.

    Virtual hugs,


  6. I'm with you staying home is the safest thing to do. I only need a few things but will wait until Tue.

    Since I started camping I have learned to take really quick showers since water is always limited.

  7. I also take really quick showers. After my last physical in January, when my doctor noticed I have dry skin, she gave me a handout concerning that subject. It said to take shorter showers, and not super hot. Long hot showers every day tend to dry out our skin. So when you're being conservative, you're also helping keep your skin healthy. :)

  8. nope, no out and about for me either... leave it for the young and don't know how awful it is yet... hahaa

    The first time, I ever timed me was in Acadia National Park. well, outside of it ~ they don't have showers. It was a PAY shower. I never.

    25¢ for 4 minutes. I only had a quarter ... I never take long showers because I have such dry skin ... and yep... I was stepping out when the timer went off.

  9. If you really want to conserve water, cut back on your red meat consumption... I know you don't eat much of it, but did you know that it take more water to produce 1 lb of beef, than you use in 6 months worth of showers. So skip the hambuger, and don't feel guilty about washing your hair.