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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I definitely overdid it today

I washed three large loads in my washer and carried them one by one across the street to hang them out on the line.  Wet clothes are heavier than dry, and wet towels are much heavier than dry.  I had a full load of towels that I've put off for a few weeks.   The laundry baskets were probably over whatever limit there is on how much I should lift.  I just took an Aleve and it should help.

It's been a beautiful day but all of the sudden I got cold - it's the Delta Breeze that comes up from the San Francisco Bay (or one of the bays in that area) all the way to Sacramento.  It can be horribly hot during the day, but by 7 pm I  can't even  sit outdoors.  I won't complain about it because it makes Sacramento summers a little more tolerable.  I just closed some doors and windows, put on warm pj's and a robe.  How will I be able to eat my ice cream tonight and not get cold all over again.

There is something I want to write about in my blog, but I never remember what it is until after I publish.  That is so annoying.

I've been toying with the idea of trying to revisit some of the National Parks I missed last year due to the govt. shutdown.  I'm not sure if I can afford it this year, but I'm afraid to wait too long and not be able to do it at all.  It's a lot of driving for just one person, although I've always been able to drive long distances.  I'm tired of doing it by myself though.   If I decide to try it I will wait until after Labor Day to avoid some of the crowds.   This is just me thinking and dreaming, and might or might not turn into reality.  When I don't dream any more, I will know I'm done for!

I kind of like being able to record something on TV  to watch later on.  That way, if I'm watching something interesting but need to do something else or go out, I can just record it and watch later.   Fast forwarding through commercials is a real positive as well.   You'd think I find a lot to watch on TV, but mostly episodes of Animal Cops-Houston.  I've also been watching a lot of history programs about WW II lately.   I was only 4 on V-E day, and 5 on V-J day, and had no clue about war.  My parents evidently went to the trouble to keep it from me, but I probably wasn't interested in radio news to begin with.  Kids today couldn't be fooled.   It's sad to think we have likely been at war somewhere in the world for most of the time since WW-II.



  1. Just a thought... Is there a singles group of people your age that might include someone who would want to travel with you. You could split the cost and share the adventure.

    If you camp, separate tents, if you stay at motels, separate rooms. Could work with either man or woman.

    I take back the age restriction. Someone younger might also be a possible companion.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Merikay; would go for younger . . . more energy! ;->

    There are so many variables in travel modes, i.e., how fast/slow each person wishes to travel, etc., that there would need to be a good personality match to succeed.

    One person with an RV, and the other with a car would make a good team, too.

    Virtual hugs,


  3. I'll bet you'd love a traveling companion if you could find the right one. Those heavy towels probably were not a good idea. Hope you didn't tear anything loose. It is VERY sad to think that it's just one war after another but actually it has pretty much always been that way though there did seem to be more than 3-5 years between them before Vietnam. Why we want to send our young people to wars dreamed up by old men I will never understand.

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  5. I would definitely recommend dreaming over laundry:)

  6. I think some of your bloggers have some good suggestions in regards to finding a companion to go hiking.

    Dream always dream because when our dreams gone we are not far behind.