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Friday, May 30, 2014

Feel-good Friday!

I left the gym last night with the key to the hooch cabinet!  Wow, I went to bed feeling terrific, and so far the day is just as good.

I have received a number of comments from folks who would like to exercise but can't get motivated.  If keeping your brain and body healthy isn't motivation enough, it would be good to think (or make up) some sort of other motivating factor.  In my case I had delusions about backpacking again, so I was driven to exercise my upper torso to be able to carry a backpack, as well as my lower torso and legs in order to walk the mountainous terrain I was sure to be hiking on.  I've since realized I am unlikely to ever do more than possibly an overnight trip into the backcountry, but in the meantime I've so enjoyed getting fit and the feelings of well-being that accompany exercise, (actually a sort of "high") that I could never give up now.  I'm motivated to do it for me - to keep myself fit and healthy and active in a measure that is younger than my years.

This morning I got my list of places I need to go to, and started out at AAA to pick up some current California maps, including camping maps.  I forgot that their camping maps are marked in print too light and too small for me to make out, so that was a disappointment, although I have all the books and maps I really need.  Now I need to decide what I want to do, and where and when to do it.

After stopping at a credit union for withdrawal of some cash (I try to not use my debit or credit cards most of the time), I just decided to drive on home.  I can hit some of the other places on my list later today or over the weekend.  Got the marigolds planted but it looks like the oleander isn't going to root - although I'll give it some more time.  The flowers are completely wilted but maybe they can still root?

I need to pick up some velcro to see if I can re-hang the side door screen and keep it from being pulled outward by the airflow.  Joe and the girls were here yesterday and there was so much traffic in and out it was better to just take the screen down.  Joe did a job I had been putting off - clearing out leaves and debris under a platform that covers my utility connections.  It is open on one side and stuff had piled up that I couldn't get out with a broom.  I'm taking a little break from weeding and cutting out the old heather.  Some of it is on my neighbor's side of the line, but he told me a couple of years ago that he didn't mind if I cut it down.  I still hate to do that to what is on his property, but I think I'll mention it to him the next time I see him.  We have to decide what to plant in place of the heather, or what else to do with that patch, or it will be overrun with weeds and there are already enough of those.

Before I ventured out in the car this morning, I walked about a mile around the park.  I came to an old man who was walking down his driveway using a cane and I called out "good morning".  He gave no indication that he saw or heard me, and that's ok.  Next door to him a woman was out watering her lawn and she looked up when she heard me calling out to him.  By the time I got to her I said "hello", and she looked straight at me and then back down at the hose.  Not a word.  Just a little further on I met a woman walking towards me with her little dog - I waved and said "hi".  She looked at me and went on without so much as a nod.  What in the hell is wrong with these people?  I don't think I look sleazy or dangerous, and I just can't figure out what they have to be so snobby about.  I quit walking in the neighborhood a year ago because of this very kind of behavior.  By the way, I jogged about a half a block just to see if I could do it.  Damn, I'm good!  Didn't even breathe heavy.



  1. I am SO SORRY to hear that you were treated that way, Gypsy. Those must be some very unhappy people if they feel that such behavior is acceptable. It seems really strange to me that so many of them acted the same. Yes, I have had experiences with unreturned greetings, too, but never so consistently!! What was that you said the other day about something in the water?? Maybe that concept can work more than one way. Anyway, your challenge---our challenge---is to resist following their example. I'm sending you a big smile and a "hello" from TX.

  2. Now if it was me, I'd just keep saying hello every time I saw them. Maybe at some point they would realize it's not painful to be friendly. I'd think even if they were deaf, they'd see you were greeting them and the least they could do is smile and wave huh :)

  3. I try to be friendly with everyone I meet or see. There is enough hate in this world as it is, so I try not to add too much more. That doesn't mean I let people walk all over me.

  4. Is it possible that they can't hear correctly?? Especially the older man......

  5. Love hearing you extol the virtues of exercise and of the exercise "high" which unfortunately for me I never got. I do think your neighbors must be mighty unhappy or mighty suspicious. Don't let them get you down or stop you from being friendly. Kill em' with kindness.

  6. People are weird, what would it hurt to be kind? It's not like you went up to them and asked for something for heavens sake!!!
    I sat a couple chairs up in my front sidewalk area and go out there and sit with Luci, to relax in the shade.. people stop to talk or say hey when walking by, it is nice.. I respond and do not ignore them :) Thought it would be a good way to meet and interact with neighbors....

  7. Yep I would keep waving and saying hello. It's just fun to show better manners than they have. Besides maybe they don't feel alive enough and you may pass your good mood on soon.

  8. My goodness, I could probably understand with the older gentlemen not acknowledging you because of hearing or vision problems...but the others? No excuse for them!

  9. I think RV'ers tend to be a friendlier bunch on the whole than "regular" people. It is a way of life with us, but others may not feel that camaraderie with others as acutely as we do.

    I find myself telling people how friendly our little town is - from the clerks in the stores to the drivers - and sure enough, something nice usually happens. There seem to be plenty of smiles to go around.

    Today we Freecycled some moving boxes to a young couple who were totally delightful; it seems there is always a good experience with Freecycling.

    I lived for 13 years in California, and knew practically no one, but that was in Silicon Valley, where one doesn't expect much in the way of "friendly" anyway.

    Perhaps after you go by several times, the neighbors will recognize you as a neighbor and be more friendly.

    Virtual hugs,


  10. Geesh you have such a friendly smile! what is wrong with them.... it's not like you had a sign over your head that you were an ax murderer or a theif or puppy strangler?

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  11. Don't let this keep you from walking in the neighborhood. You inspire me - keep exercising and walking.
    kathiboozer (arlonboozer.com)