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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good to be back

We went to the gym this evening and it felt pretty good for the most part.   I know I lost some weight around the time of my last surgery but have recovered about 5# of it back, and looking to gain another 10#.  It will take me a while I think because I'm not going to be so obsessed about it.

My legs feel great from all the exercise I put them through.  I did some squats and lifted weight bars while lying back on a bench.  I'm hoping that is less strain on my abdomen than lifting dumbells, and also I can lift heavier weights.   I'm really tired now and have some discomfort in my entire abdomenal area.  It will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow.

Today was laundry day - I carried the 2 baskets of wet laundry across the street separately, but brought back the folded & dried things with the 2 baskets stacked one on top of the other.  I couldn't have made it in one trip if I lived even one house down from my own.

It didn't get out of the 70's today but felt cool because of the constant breeze.  I have my Lasko heater warming me up for a few minutes.  I just drank a protein shake and got chilled a bit.  After a couple of nice days like this the temps will climb, eventually staying in the mid 90's range for a while - too darn hot!

 That's it for tonight.  I'll probably be lazy for most of tomorrow.


  1. I envy your exercise ethic. Please take it easy though you are still healing and will have lots of time to get killer legs and buttocks!

    Enjoy your fabulous weather.

  2. Seems walking would be the preferred exercise and less strain on yer old body! but then what do I know...

    glad you're back and you feel good... that's the important thing ;)

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling well and feel able to do both the exercise and carry all that laundry.
    You surprise me. Sounds like great weather. Don't think about the heat to come, you'll have plenty of time for that when it gets there.