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Friday, June 1, 2012

You learn something new every day

I made an interesting discovery yesterday while reading Consumer's Reports in an article about fuel efficient cars. I never liked "spoilers" on automobiles and thought they were just to make the car look sporty. According to the report, they actually have the effect of making the vehicle more aerodynamic and therefore more fuel efficient. I still think they look dumb and wouldn't ever buy a car with one on it, but I guess I was wrong about the purpose. Now maybe the aerodynamics thing doesn't really make any difference, but I sure couldn't tell. I would think anything sticking up from a vehicle's surface would cause drag, but then it is not my area of expertise.

I'm feeling a little better the past day or so and Lady is on the mend as well.

One more T-Ball game and four more wake-ups until I leave. Yippee! It will be good to be on the road again.


  1. I'm kinda in agreement with your thoughts about spoiler things stuck on cars. Maybe on highly engineered race cars they serve a purpose but I'll bet they are stuck on cars to get the young guys to thinking they want their cars to look racey like the race cars. Ya, I was a young car guy once so I know how the thought process goes.....

  2. Don't you hate how we are so excited to get somewhere to visit - can't wait to arrive? Then after being there for a time, we so look forward to getting home. I've done the same thing, even thought about leaving early, but then I was afraid I'd hurt someone's feelings. When I drove down their driveway on the way home, I was so relieved to be gone and on my own again.

    Well, I guess that's a good thing, otherwise we'd stay forever. :)

  3. I can't wait till we see you this next week! Oh, how I love our wheels. See you soon, be safe.

  4. Like the Bayfield Bunch says, only good for race cars. I follow the Top Fuel Drag Races and they need the spoilers to reach speeds of over 300 MPH in less than a quarter mile to keep the rear wheels on the track.