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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ready to go!




We all got into the act. I didn't have as much problem with it as I did in the store where they add weights to the pack. I think sandbags are more difficult to carry than actual clothing and gear, so I will hold my options open!

Nothing seems to be going as it should - she is picking up the international flight tomorrow in Chicago where they are expecting heavy storms. Then, she was supposed to call the landlady in Germany where she will be living while at school, but neither of the phone numbers work. She did get in touch with a friend who lives about an hour away from where she will be going to school, so she has someone to call in an emergency, and he offered to let her camp out at his house rather than spend the night trying to get some sleep in the banhof (railway station). Oh to be young again and setting out on such a journey. In my experience, the journeys that start out with problems and setbacks and unknown futures are the very best and teach you the most. As well traveled as Ara is, she will be ready to deal with any situation when she has completed this trip. Solo traveling does that for a person.


  1. We wish her luck and a good trip.

  2. I'd say you look pretty good with that pack on your back. Oh to be young again is right and wouldn't it be great if we could know what we know now. :-)

    I'm thinking a universe where we start out old and grow young might be more interesting. :-))

  3. Well, I'm a little far away over here in Vienna, otherwise I'd offer some assistance. Fortunately she has a place to hang out until she sorts out her accommodations.
    Calling overseas can be tricky. I found this very handy website that I've had to refer to from time to time. here
    I'm getting better at it, but I still keep that site bookmarked in case I have a memory lapse.
    Wish your Granddaughter good luck.

  4. Ara is adorable !!! What excitement... You look like you're ready to go!!! too ;) ah youth