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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Computer and other woes

I was deleting some old mail in my inbox as well as the trash. I must have hit the wrong key because all of the sudden my inbox is completely empty! I guess it's all in the Trash if I need it.

Also in the category of "Why Do These Things Happen to Me", i bought some hand towels at Costco this morning. They are hotel style plain white, although larger and fluffier than most hotel towels I've had experience with. I had noticed that all my hand towels had stains of one type or another on them, so I figured I would buy some to hang when the kids & grandkids come over. I threw them into the wash with a couple of dishtowels and a large blue beach towel that I've washed previously, and that I wrapped around the side of the rocking chair that could scratch the inside of my car during the drive back from NY.

When the washer stopped and I pulled the hand towels out I realized the blue had run onto them. Rats - I never have that happen and I don't worry about sorting clothes. If I have enough for a load of dark colors I'll wash them separately, otherwise I'll just throw them in with everything else. I had to re-wash the white towels and used some Clorox hoping the stains would come out. Mostly they did, but what a waste of water, soap, and time.

Costco had regular unleaded for $3.559 so I filled up the gas tank. They also had Cosequin for dogs, at $38.99 for a bottle of 180 tabs. A dog the size of Lady needs two a day, and that makes it cheaper than even the bargain basement stuff at Walmart or Target. I've been paying close the the same price at pet stores for 120 or fewer tabs.

I wanted also to comment about my new Verizon Jetpack MiFi. So far I don't like it nearly as well as I liked my old (lost) one. I think I will make a trip to the Verizon store next week and see if there is something I could do differently. One sales tech at the store had suggested that I shouldn't keep it plugged in except to charge it. I plugged the old one in 1st thing in the morning and pulled the plug last thing at night, and it was ready throughout the day. This one seems to charge only when the connector is inserted into the unit and the unit is powered off. I would think if I left it plugged in while using it that it would keep up the charge, but it hasn't worked that way. I may need a different kind of power cord, or change the way I'm doing something.

As it is, I'm almost tempted to return the MiFi, cancel DirectTV, and contract with AT&T for TV and internet service. I would probably have already used AT&T except that my experience with their cell phone and internet air card service was less than satisfactory. Why do I think U-Verse would be any better.

As for traveling and taking along internet access, as long as I stay in motels I can use theirs when it's free and pay $2.99 a day when it's not. I don't need connection when I'm camping. My monthly bill has decreased, in part because I insisted I didn't want or need 450 minutes of cell phone usage a month, so he gave me 300. That isn't available when you look at Verizon's plans online. My total bill used to run in the area of $132.+ per month, and the last bill was $119.88. I don't know how I an get it any lower and still get the good customer service from Verizon.

The thermometer has reached 88 (expected to top out at 89) and it's hot although having a couple of fans running helps, and I don't have to turn them on until afternoon as the mornings are so cool. The heck with how my legs look much better in capris and my arms look much better in t-shirts, I'm wearing shorts and a tank top!


  1. I use Straight Talk pre paid, buy phone at walmart, unlimited talk, data, and texting for $50/month. They also have one for $30 with less. First (cheap) phone I had with them used Sprint's network to connect. Current (more expensive) "smart" phone uses Verizon. Have been satisfied. Same connectivity at much less price.

  2. You can also shop on-line, straighttalk.com

  3. Try shout color catchers for mixed loads of laundry. They really eliminate colors bleeding and you can see the colors on them when the load is finished but nothing else looks discolored.

  4. A couple of things, first, what is wrong with light blue towels?
    Second, we have a Verizon Mobile Hotspot made by Samsung and we like it a lot. Can even carry it in my shirt pocket and then both my wife and can be on our tablets or laptops anywhere we are (if there is a Verizon tower in range).

  5. Yikes !!

    I too have straight talk. Had it for three years. 30 bucks per month, unlimited talk and text. Works great. Would save you 800 dollars per year. Depending on the phone you get, it might be running on AT&T or Verizon. Phne cost me 20.00 # years ago. A sweet deal

  6. I really hate how confusing all this phone and internet stuff is. I have Verizon and pay through the nose for 450 minutes a month and for 5G of data and the service is sketchy even here just outside of Tampa. SIGH...........I share your frustration.

  7. You can soak the towels in the tub of the washing machine with really hot water and bleach for a couple of hours and then do a cycle. They should come perfectly white. I should know - I washed an entire load of whites one time with a red skirt. When I looked in the machine the guy standing next to me at the laundromat said "Nice shade of pink." heehee Took forever to go back to white for my sweaters and such, and I haven't been a huge fan of white clothing since. :) I know you think it is a waste of time/water - but a bigger waste is getting aggravated about something that was purely an accident. Stuff happens. [Sorry - did that sound preachy? Didn't mean it to be.]

    I hope your granddaughter has a blast in Europe. I hope my kids can go some day. :)