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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I took Lady to the vet after I checked in the motel and emailed Carolyn explaining what I had to do. We got to the vet a little early and planned to walk her around to get her joints unstuck, but she wouldn't get out of the car. Then Carolyn showed up and after brief introductions, she helped me with the dog and stuff.

The vet's opinion after looking at her and asking me lots of questions, is that she is in pain from being cramped up in the car for so long. She took a blood test, the results of which should be available tomorrow, to make sure her renal and liver functions are ok, and gave her a dose of some type of NSAID liquid meds. If the tests come back ok then I will get a prescription for pills. The dose they gave her helped almost immediately - she was able to get in and out of the car, but hasn't moved around the room much, doesn't want to go out for a walk (maybe she can't), and hasn't eaten anything and drank very little water.

Tomorrow morning I'm planning to check with the vet, then meet Carolyn for breakfast, and we will go in my car to Glacier. I'm here to see that and I'm going to see it. This area is breathtaking and I know I ain't seen nothin' yet! I'd love to stay a day or more longer, but after the cost of the vet bill I think I'd better go home as planned, and I'll skip Crater Lake this trip. Haven't figured out my route or stops yet, but I will try to keep the days fairly short so I can stop often with the dog. I might get castigated for putting this into words, but I need a man to help me rearrange the cargo in my vehicle so I can give Lady more room. I just don't have the strength to do it myself. She always got up and turned around a few times in the seat, and then went back down again. At least that gave her bones a chance to thaw out, but the way it is now she has no room to turn around in. I feel really bad about it.

So thank you all who have written to express your concern for my pet. She's not out of the water yet, but I'm hoping I can get her back to California and to regular exercise in a warm climate. That same climate that will nearly kill me, might be better for her bones.

I just can't do a blog about Helena or Kalispell yet, but it's being composed in my mind and I'll write it soon.

I told the vet and her assistant that Lady is a gentle soul, but she IS 85 pounds and she is stressed out, and she IS very strong as well as stubborn. I said I would feel much better if they put a muzzle on her. They didn't and then had to do it. Mama knows best!


  1. Oh, poor Lady! I can imagine how hard it would be for her to travel without being able to move around. I think your idea of shorter trips with more stops will be a good idea for her.

    Have fun with Carolyn, I hope you enjoy your sightseeing tomorrow. :)

  2. Glad Lady got some help. Hope the pills help her for the rest of the trip.

  3. No doubt the long trip has been hard on Lady. You will probably see an improvement in her when you get home & she can move around & slide back into her own daily routines. Whether Man or Beast, this aging stuff is the pits!!

  4. I sure hope the pain pills work for Lady. Scooter's make her quit hurting but she gets pretty lethargic on them. I think if she had to be on them all the time she would eventually get used to them but she only gets them once in awhile for now. As she gets older that may change. Sure am hoping the tests all come back negative and that just moving around will help. I'd find some nice guy and ask him to help you rearrange things.

  5. So glad to hear you are getting help for Lady and they are figuring out what she needs. Al's so right. Getting old is really something I could have handled better when I was younger!

    You are right that you are going to love Glacier. I'm happy that you are getting to see it and have met Carolyn. Now if I could just meet you both!!

  6. I am not a shy person. I would find someone to help me make room for Lady. Maybe Carolyn can help or you can ask any young man. Telling him why you need help will, I'm sure, make him want to help you. I don't know what kind of car you have, but I made the whole back seat a bed for Jack and Lizzie; now only Jack. I do stop often even towing the trailer. He's in a harness that allows him to stand, sit, lie down and turn around, but I still think they need to get out to stretch their legs.

    I'm thinking about Lady, and hope to hear good news, tomorrow.

  7. I just now caught up. Oh no. I hope she is resting comfortably tonight, poor girl. I hope that the pills [if they prescribed them] make her more comfortable until you can get her home. I know she wouldn't want to be without you, but I don't suspect she will want to go on another car soon.

    Please give her a hug from us and one for you two. Sending you good thoughts that you are home safe and soon.

  8. Oh what a relief that you got her to the vet and got some idea of what she needs. Longer walks and long stretches out on the floor in your hotel will help her a lot.

    I know she didn't jump or jar herself when she was in our river, she gently waded in and came out okay... so worried that she was going to not make it. hope the pills work!
    Karen and Steve
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  9. Damn straight Carolyn can help! I'd make two of Gypsy! plus I have a mouth and we will get your car fixed up.... not to worry

    So enjoyed today and really looking forward to our Park day!

    Stellar forecast! 51 in the PARK ... well, for Montana it's stellar...


  10. Jim and I would have helped too if that's what was needed. It's great you got Lady some help.

    Thanks so much for all the info on the route. We may be going that way sooner then we thought.

    Safe travels, you're almost there.

  11. Hope Lady will be OK to finish the trip home.
    Carolyn, will be a great help and I know she will tackle someone to help even more.

  12. We use Rymadal (sp?) with our older dog....not every day but when she needs it that seems to be like a miracle drug for her...little expensive but does it ever help.

  13. Sorry to hear about Lady. Hope all goes well with her the rest of the way..