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Sunday, June 24, 2012

3rd Birthday

Arianna turned 3 yesterday. Asked what kind of cake she wanted, she insisted she wanted "monkey cupcakes". So Donald made cupcakes and decorated two with little monkeys, and the rest with "bananas". Of course they were delicious because he makes the best cupcakes and cream cheese frosting in the whole world!

Just beginning to open her presents:

Initially she wore a new birthday dress and princess hat, but I see in other pictures she changed her clothes. I think this is a real "kick-ass" pose:

With 3 of my siblings, we make up the left side of our family. The other 4 brothers weren't able to be here, so we solved the world's problems ourselves!

We had a delicious lunch that included hamburgers, fresh corn on the cob, bbq'd ribs (I brought some home with me) and other wonderful dishes.

One more day of blessedly cool weather, but Tuesday will start the climb into the 80's and eventually the 90's. My favorite seasons are spring, autumn, and winter, in that order, and leave summer out of it.


  1. She's a cutie. Looks like she'd make a good actress!

  2. Love that pose! The girl's got attitude. You need to coach her and she can grow up to be just like you! So great that you and your siblings can get together for 3 year old fun!

  3. She is quite the gal for sure. BTW, it was 100 around this area today and predicted to be the same for another day or two, depending on the storm in the Gulf. As it looks now, it will go into the Florida panhandle.

  4. Never realized you were one of eight kids. Holy cow! :)

  5. Love that age in kids.
    100+ the next few days.

  6. They sure grow up fast, from that pose it looks like she is going to be a hand-full in a few years.