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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kalispell, MT

I arrived in Kalispell at Noon, and it was a wonder that the motel had a room ready for me. About 10 miles before arriving I saw a sign to a veterinary clinic, so I stopped and made an appointment to take Lady back at 2 pm. She is still in the car, an hour after we stopped. She can't (or won't) make an attempt to get out, and I'm not going to force her and then have to somehow lift her back in the car in 45 minutes. On the drive here I stopped several times and tried to coax her to get out, but no luck.

I think she is in a great deal of pain, and if they determine that painkillers will help her then that's what we will do. I lost my previous best friend because his legs wouldn't hold him any longer and I couldn't watch him suffer and lose his dignity. The same holds true for Lady.

I'll blog later and update readers on the trip to the vet. Also, I need to post yesterday's pictures and account of getting together with Sandie and Jim. Right now I don't have the heart to do much of anything.

See ya later.


  1. Lady may have overdone it with the swimming. Jack had a problem a few months back after he had jumped a fence thinking my daughter was leaving him. An 11 year old dog should not be jumping fences. He's good as new, now. An orthopedic vet checked him and couldn't find anything skeleton related amiss with X-rays and examination. She recommended PT, which we did, but I think even if I hadn't done that started him Dasuquin with MSM for large dogs and it has done wonders. He's through with the initial 2 tablets per day and is on maintenance of 1 per day. I buy mine on Amazon. I think it will be cheaper than at the vet, but you might ask the vet about it.

  2. You might want to try some of these exercises once Lady is feeling a little better--Jack thinks I'm playing with him, but they build strength.

    The one on the stairs is an easy one for her to do and you might want to start with it. Your vet may have suggestions regarding other exercises that might be good.

    Sure hope she's feeling better and look forward to an update.

  3. Oh Gypsy - please post as soon as you can about Lady.

  4. You should probably be at the vet about now. Hope things go well for Lady no matter what the decision.

  5. we are waiting with fear and trepidation... and hoping it's just a slipped disk or stiffness from sitting?

    Duke and Ducky are concerned, as are Steve and I....

  6. Aw, poor Lady. I sure hope all works out for her.

  7. I too hope that Lady will get better quickly. One is so helpless because they cannot tell you what's wrong. Good luck.

  8. Thinking of you. So heart breaking to have Lady become unwell when still far from home.