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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday blahs!

I'm still under the influence of too much driving but I got a few things accomplished this morning. Two men came by with a big truck about 7:00 pm last night and picked up the old stove & range hood. I'm so glad to see that empty space, but now I need to clean the driveway. I believe I brought an electric leaf blower from my house in Asheville, and I need to use it to get all the leaves from the nooks & crannies of this place. Also there is a big grease/oil stain from the former occupants that needs to be treated. I swept a lot of the sawdust from cutting the pergo onto the stain, but of course that soaks up the excess oil but doesn't clean the driveway. I'll do it in good time, or as the southerners like to say, I'll do it directly.

Today I visited Costco pharmacy to pick up a 90 day supply of my hydrochlorathizide tablets. I cut the 25 mg tabs in half and take a half tablet a day. The cost for 45 tablets was $.12. I told the lady she was breaking me with such high prices. I asked about folks who don't have good insurance coverage for prescriptions, and she explained that anyone can use a Costco pharmacy even without a membership. Just tell the person at the door that you are going to the pharmacy.

She checked and said that in California the cost of the HCTZ would be $6.00 for a 30 day supply, but that a 90 day supply would be cheaper. I doubt that it would be extraordinarily cheaper, but who knows. The cost would no doubt vary from state to state, but anyone who thinks they are paying a lot for a generic prescription such as HCTZ might do well to check out Costco. I can't remember ever having a complaint with the pharmacy I use. Of course, you could check out the prices for other prescription drugs as well. I've always been pretty satisfied with what I have to pay, and I realize they charge more for brand name drugs - that is the doing of my insurance company who wants me to only buy generics, and not of Costco. I also saw a sign while there that they do pet prescription meds as well, so when I refill Lady's meds I will transfer the prescription from Walgreen's to Costco, provided the cost is less.

I spent some time trying to hack down an ugly rosebush in my front yard, and twice I have gouged my hand with a thorn causing it to bleed and sending me running inside for a bandaid. I hate taking the daily aspirin dose which is the cause of so much bruising and bleeding, so I've cut down from daily to every other day. The latest medical research seems to show that daily aspirin does not prevent heart attacks, but I take it because of the stent implant, and the only reason I've stayed with it this long is that I don't want to have a stroke. I would certainly prefer to die outright from "the big one" rather than live after having a stroke, but we don't get to choose.

We are enjoying what looks like will be four days of weather in the 70's before climbing back up next week. Donald's mother gave me 3 fans - one is a tower model and the other two are table models. I think I should be better able to bear the heat when it returns.

My son Steve brought my grandson Liam over this afternoon, and delivered my cellphone that had been sent to his address. I've been without a cell phone for two weeks now and can't say that I've missed it all that much. It was inconvenient when I could only make local calls from the motel phone, and when I wanted to contact folks I was planning to visit, but not being connected 24/7 isn't the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Steve and I talked about campers, vans, pop-ups, Casitas and Scamps. He will keep his eyes open for something and I will do the same, although I'll probably wait until end of summer to do any serious looking. And I'm already thinking about where to go tent camping for a few days in the near future, preferably somewhere in a National Forest near a lake or stream for Lady's pleasure. I also might look into taking her down to the American River (about a mile from me) when the weather turns hot again.

We also agreed that doing something to the roof is a priority this summer before the rainy season begins. Then I can think about replacing some of the water damaged paneling in the main side of the living room, and then I can finally paint. It is the only room that has yet to be painted, although I'll probably want to go over the bathroom and cover the pink walls and ceiling in there.

I love being back in my house which is so comfortable, but I'm already hearing the siren call of the road.


  1. I didn't realize that Costco did Pet Meds. I may be checking them out shortly. I'm excited for you to be looking for a small rv of some kind. I know how you feel when that urge to hit the road comes over you. And Lady will love you to death if you take her swimming.

  2. Yeah you and Lady swimming ;) I'm almost tempted but don't want to scare the kiddies

  3. Busy, busy! That's good. :)

    I thought the aspirin regime [one a day] was so if you had a heart attack it would be less severe, do less damage? I didn't realize that it was purported to keep you from having one. Hmmmm And I know aspirin thins the blood, but I have never heard of the bruising you are getting. You poor thing. I don't mind the bruising [I bruise for other reasons - blood related] because they really don't hurt, but boy they sure do look u-g-l-y. I can tap my leg on a chair and it is full blown in a few minutes. Silly really.

    Thanks for the heads up on Costco. I never knew that. It's nice you don't have to join, but we were going to anyway [for all this baking I do, the supplies will be much cheaper!] so that is good to know. Thanks again!

    Have a great weekend and don't you go working to hard. You need to relax from your trip.

  4. Boy this didn't seem like a blog about Friday Blahs but about a lot of things you got accomplished and plan to do. You are on go getter that's for sure.

    I don't take any aspirin and bruise if a walk up next to a table leg. I've asked my doctor about it but just like with my chipping and cracking fingernails, he says well some folks are just like that. I need a different doctor apparently.

  5. It's tough not to have your cell phone if that's all you have and you can't leave to get it fixed. I didnt have one for three days. Luckily I had my iPad so I could send emails for my son to make calls for me until I could find a way to get it fixed.