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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Helena MT

I was ready to go early this morning and left Miles City at 7:30 am. It's a good thing because I ran into 3 different road works where the line of vehicles had to wait for a pilot vehicle to escort the lane of traffic. It took me at least an hour over what I and the GPS estimated to get here, and I unlocked the motel door at 3:15. I had booked the room last night online - my first experience with doing that. I always preferred to call the number and talk to a human, although I usually just dispensed with reservations because I always like to stop by 3 pm, and it normally isn't a problem getting a room, except, as I found out, in the city of Williston, ND.

Montana is BEAUTIFUL! I apologize for the lack of clarity in the photos but I was taking them through the car windows, and the windshield was nearly covered with bugs. Mostly I drove through pretty open country, but the scenery changed often enough to keep me awake.

I stopped several times at gas stations to use the restroom, but I figured Lady needed to stretch her legs, so we pulled over in an area for installing chains during the winter. There were a lot of cows over the fence, and one by one they turned their heads to stare at either Lady or me. Then they started walking towards us, and I'm chatting away with them and took their pictures before saying goodbye.

I needed to "go" so bad and there was good visibility in both directions, virtually no traffic. I thought about it but just knew that if I saw a vehicle in the far-off difference I would wet on my jeans! Later on through the Helena National Forest there were many pull-offs, but usually close to the creek which runs along the road, and the road was very curvy so I couldn't see far. I don't know why I worry because backpacking and hiking has taught me how to be comfortable in the woods along hiking trails.

I'm meeting up with Sandie and Jim in a little while and we will have dinner. I'll post the pictures tomorrow.


  1. We use the doors open technique. Open both passenger side doors and you're basically hidden.

  2. I love the cows. Very curious. :) And we do what Sandra does too - for changing and for potty breaks in the middle of no where.

    Glad you are having a safe, uneventful trip. It looks like a beautiful drive and I wouldn't apologize for the pics being taken through the windshield - I actually think they came out quite nice. I could be the passenger and still not get a pic' out of a moving car. heehee

    Hugs to you and Lady. Hope she is doing well too. Enjoy your friends and dinner. :)

  3. Have a good time tonight with Sandie and Jim!

  4. Have a wonderful visit with Sandie & Jim this evening.

    I'm hoping you will decide to definitely take the time and head up to Glacier. I was there back in August of 2010 and it was so-o-o worth the extra time and expenditures to be able to see this amazing NP. The 'glaciers' seem to be dwindling and I got to wondering what they'll call the park once they're all gone??!!

    And, thanks for the note -- I'll look forward to us hearing from you.

  5. You sure are seeing some pretty country!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Had so much fun tonight. And those poor cows thought you were bringing them dinner. And there really isn't much traffic out there but the minute you squat, the one car for ten miles would come zipping by.

  7. I like the idea of travelling with my own washroom but boy oh boy, as you well know, is that ever an expensive way to go.....

  8. I was driving through the desert on the way to Phoenix, pulled off onto a side road to get some good pics of cacti. Really had to go! My car was positioned perpendicular to the main hwy so opening both doors didn't help. Instead, I went behind my car, waited until I couldn't hear a car on the main road and went for it. Didn't quite finish when a work truck full of guys got a full sideways flash. They whistled and hollered out their open windows. Em-BARE-ASSing!