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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Excursion to REI

Ara stopped by this morning and we drove over to our favorite outdoor gear store to look at backpacks. We got there when the store opened and found the b.p. department, but it became immediately obvious we needed some help and advice. An extremely knowledgeable young man came to assist us, and after looking at the many types and styles and uses for backpacks, we ended up with a model that will be perfect for packing clothing & other items for travel, plus can be used on the trail later.

He packed the various models with weights in the neighborhood of 20-25#, and carefully adjusted each pack to Ara's comfort, according to the torso size he had calculated first of all. Ara decided on the same pack I would have chosen, and I think it will last her for many years.

I have been secretly holding out hope that I can do some backpacking in the future, but when I tried on the pack which held about 25# I realized how futile are my hopes. I've been there, done that, and as much as I want to do it again, I just can't. Damn! One by one the aspirations and joys of my life are being taken away from me. But seeing that pack on my granddaughter, I realize I will live on. She is like me in many ways, and I believe she will always have a bit of gypsy to enrich her life, so I feel that maybe some of my genetic makeup has trickled down to her. And I just have to keep adjusting to the changes in my life and modify the things I do. Aw hell!

So much for shopping at REI - we also got a "pack holder" which is like a super lightweight duffel-bag type cover which completely encloses the pack, and which will protect it and the straps when checking it as luggage. The salesman said that if a strap gets caught in the conveyor belt it will be cut immediately. Don't want that to happen. By the time we were ready to check out, using my annual REI dividend plus my credit card, I decided to wait on the few items I want so as not to max out my card. The credit card is now tucked inside my passport and they are both in the place I leave them here at home. I normally only get the card out when traveling and had loaded it up pretty well on my recent journey. A little belt-tightening is going to be in order!

I forgot to take a picture of her with the pack, but will post it tomorrow if I can get one in the meantime.


  1. It is wonderful that you have someone who will carry on for you. It is more a blessing for her than for you.

  2. I think it is a wonderful blessing for you both. What I wouldn't have given, what my daughter Carrie wouldn't have given to have had a free spirited grandmother such as you are.

    David is having a lot of trouble just now with the "Damn why can't I just do all the things I used to do and loved so much". It really does seem unfair doesn't it?? There are folks much younger and with no illness who do nothing, why can't we have their years of ability now and they can have our limitations. They don't do anything anyway. :-))

  3. Yes there are lots of things I loved and can no longer do. But I have renewed my fishing. At least that doesn't hurt, unless you stick yourself with a hook. I hope to find a van for short camping trips. No tent for me.