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Monday, June 4, 2012

Ready to roll!

I'm gradually getting it all together. Went shopping this morning for last minute items - fruit, lunch meat & rolls, etc. I splurged on a bag of cherries because they are so good to munch on while driving, but the cost was steep compared to what I hope it is in CA. I've cut up carrots and celery for snacking in the car or for dipping in ranch dressing in the evening. I won't stop for lunch as I'm happy snacking along the way, and will make myself a sandwich at the motel for the first few days.

Everything will probably fit in the car but it will be tight and I hope not too uncomfortable for Lady. I plan to stop at rest areas more often and let her stretch her legs. The big problem with that is that it is difficult for her to get in and out of the car. I can't find a suitable step for her, and I might ask my son to make one when I get back to CA. Most that I've seen are either too small in area, or have more than one step.

I attempted to take Sandy and the boys to a restaurant for a birthday dinner yesterday evening. Both boys were tired because they had been to another birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's (that's the casino for kids). Josh changed his mind on the way about which restaurant he wanted, and then both boys said they just wanted buttered pasta. Buttered pasta, hell! I told Sandy we could make that at home - they were both asleep by the time we got back, but woke up later to eat buttered pasta while Sandy and I had grilled shrimp. I'm going to try again tonight but at something less elaborate and closer - maybe like Friendly's. As long as it isn't McD's as I wouldn't get anything but coffee there.

I have looked at maps, calculated mileages, looked up pet friendly motels, until my head is swimming with all the possibilities. One place I would have liked to stop is Theodore Roosevelt National Park. As I mentioned though, lodging isn't easy to find (at least for me) in North Dakota and along U.S. 2 into MT. I would dearly love to visit Glacier NP, but I looked up budget motels in one of the little towns along the way and found "Budget Motels--$88 and up", and a "Cheap Highway Motel" listed as $113/night. The reviews on these places tend to be awful, but I can't tell if that is a snobbish attitude from people who usually stay at Hampton Suites or places like that, or if they are really awful. Traveling with a large pet, I'm happy to find a place that is clean, safe, and cheap, and I don't care if they haven't updated the decor! $88 isn't cheap in my book though. I'm sure this would be much easier if I was traveling in an RV, so I'm really envious of all y'all out there who roll along with your home.



  1. Bet you wish you still had your fifth wheel. A small motorhome would probably be better for you and Lady.

  2. Almost there! I'm as excited as you are. I was just looking on google maps street view on the route 2 through Montana. That will be next years trip. If you take it, I want to hear all about it.

    Safe travels!

  3. Haven't been to a Friendlies in decades! Safe travels.

  4. I'm with you on snacking all the way and skipping lunch. Carrots, celery, cherries sound great. I love those little pretzel sourdough nibblers too.

    Wish you cold splurge near Glacier. It's really worth it. One of the blogs I read is of a woman traveling alone on a very TIGHT BUDGET. I think she's in a car too. She's in Kalispell, MT visiting Glacier. I wonder if they might have some place you could stay a night or two?

  5. Take it easy this time and enjoy the road trip! I get all heck bent to get somewhere and forget to enjoy the traveling. I think you might suffer from some of that same attitude. As far as the spendier motels, just think of it as gas money you would have spent for the truck pulling the RV. Do what you want now, don't wait as tomorrow might not come. JMHO ROD

  6. Would one of those plastic containers, ie sweater storage box,,work for Lady a step? There's all kinds of sizes, just bought one for my outdoor water for birds. They have lids too.

  7. Friendlies - one of my hubby's favorite places of all time. When we were dating we'd go out to dinner and then just had to stop at Friendlies for a Jim Dandy. Exciting to be back on the road again.

  8. Would a plank of wood work as a ramp for Lady to walk up...someone I knew used an old shutter, and then just laid it on top of her belongings. Hope you can find something so that you can take plenty of breaks and enjoy the trip...relax and enjoy ~ and safe travels. Look forward to following along.


  9. I wish I had been paying attention I could've mailed you the step we have here. It would be perfect. We bought it at Target for a few bucks years ago so I don't think they sell them anymore. But it is too late now. Dangit.

    I am happy you will be getting on the road tomorrow. I can see how you want so much to get travellin'. Soon my friend, soon! :D Although you had a wonderful time [and it was such fun keeping up with all your comings/goings] I know you and Lady will enjoy being back in your own beds.

    I hope you find places to stay along the way that suit your needs. I am exactly like you - clean and safe, who cares what is hanging on the walls for artwork or if the sofa is orange - make it 50 bucks and I am there. We usually stay at Comfort Inns because they are cheap and they all take dogs [of all sizes] You might try planning your route around them and see if they would give you a discount for several nights stays in different locations. I know that some motels offer "stay 2 nights get a 3 free" where you don't have to stay at the same location - just the same brand - and they don't have to be consecutive.

    Hope you have a safe trip. If you need anything don't hesitate to email me :) Hugs to you and happy trails!

  10. PS - we always, always snack on trips and make our own food. Not only economical [and fresh] I tend to get sick on restaurant and fast food. I need fresh! :) I heard cherries are outrageous. One of my friends almost paid 11 dollars a lb until she noticed and put them back. And I thought grapes were bad!


  11. Oh - I thought of one more important thing [sorry for all the comments] but having worked in the hotel industry I know it is best if you call the hotel where you want to stay directly - they can sometimes give you a better deal than Expedia or those websites [and they aren't big fans of those customers anyway] but they want to fill rooms and if you explain your situation and they aren't booked for the night sometimes they will drop the rate just to have a body in the room. Also don't call during their busiest times which are check in [between 3-6 pm] and check out [really early in the morning and around 10-12 noon] they won't have a chance to talk to you.

    Again- hope that helps and be safe. :)

  12. Misty is 17 years old now. I found that if I pierce a fish oil capsule and sprinkle it over Misty's dinner that she stays spry and moves well. (Good for arthritic people, too.) She also gets senior dog vitamin each night too, she thinks it's a treat.

    Dog food companies often lower The protein content of senior dog food. Senior dogs need MORE protein, not less, so I often feed her puppy canned Organix or similar. It's cheaper than vet bills, and there is no way that I would ever put her on Rimadyl.

    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX.

  13. What about the camping cabins at places like KOA? Or any other campground? Lady would not be an issue, and you would have a nice place to stretch out for the night. Even if there is no "en suite", you can use the campground facilities for the necessary.



    I can't seem to get them to tell me any sort of rates they charge by perusing their website, but maybe it is just eluding me. When we traveled more, I had a membership with them, and a nice directory that had all the prices. It may be somewhere on the net now, but I sure can't find it.

  14. I figured out my mistake! I was putting the number of people in the wrong box. When I did it correctly, the rates came up easily. So just choose a campground and start the reservation process by choosing the dates and the number of people, and say "yes" for Lady. The few that I looked at ranged in price from $46. to $77., but those were just random cities, maybe not even on your route. I just wanted to get an idea if this was even doable.

  15. Gypsy, the M6 in Kallispell will work. It's $39.46 and is a hop skip to the Park.

    I'm still here ;)