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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hammond, Indiana

I arrived in Hammond early enough that the motel didn't have a room ready for me, so I sort of walked around with Lady for a while. I finally got into the room and got her settled, and then had the most wonderful visitors - Jim & Dee of Tumbleweed I've been wanting to meet them in person for so long - Dee was the first person in the RVing community that I came to know through the RV Dreams Chat Room.

They drove over from the RV Park in Joliet where they are currently staying, and we got acquainted and talked non-stop in my room for about an hour, then went for dinner at a nearby Cracker Barrel. What a delightful couple who have really taken to the RV lifestyle! I hope to meet them again in our travels.

I thought today's drive would be easier than yesterday's but it was only about 30 miles shorter, while it ran through some of the most annoying stretches of interstate and road work across Northern Ohio and Indiana. I am heading for Milwaukee tomorrow morning, so I have to face the route around Chicago, but after that I hope to do more traveling on two-lane highways than on the interstates.

Poor Lady was trying to get back into the car after one of our rest stops and fell back out. I stand behind her to help her if she can't quite make it, but this time there was no holding her. She bumped the back of my hand against something, leaving a cut a little over 1/2" long right up against one of the big veins that run through the hand. I also now have one giant bruise on my hand to go along with all the smaller ones on my hands and arms. You can't imagine how many times a day you lightly bump your hand or scratch hands and arms in some way until you take aspirin on a daily basis. I'm almost ready to give it up, although the worst thing I can imagine happening is a stroke, so I continue taking the aspirin which is causing me bruising and pain.

I hate to get ready for bed while it's still daylight, but I am ready to fall asleep sitting up!


  1. Thank you so much for meeting us. Thank you also for dinner. It was so wonderful finally meeting you. I do hope we see each other again.

    It wasn't bad traffic coming back, but the Western sunset is hard to deal with You'll be heading in the West in the morning, there will be no problem.

    Travel safe.

  2. It's always fun to meet other RVers especially when they are bloggers. Glad you had such a good visit.


  3. Sure wish you could design some kind of ramp that would help Lady get in the car. That would be so much easier on both of you. Jim used to bruise if you even looked at him wrong. But his doctor put him on the baby aspirin instead of the regular aspirin and he's about 70% better now. Be safe out there.

  4. I don't know what it is called but there is a harness type leash that will help lift the dog's rear end up as he is going up the step...just to give him a little more support...maybe you could google it or ask your readers. Maybe take an aspirin every other day or a lower dose?

  5. Gypsy that's a great picture of you. I feel so sorry for Lady. I've seen those harness things for older dogs. I think that might help. Wonder if a really good pet store would have them?? Hope Chicago turns out to be a breeze. Safe travels.

  6. wow you ARE moving on down the road,,good for you. I LOVE meeting other bloggers. Had one tell his friend, tho, that why would he want to meet me, i wasn't an rv;er and wouldn't know what they were talking about.

  7. Yes, it is always great meeting other bloggers and especially if they are RVr's. I have met quite a few but still have a lot more on my "to meet" list.

  8. So great that you, Dee and Jim had some time together.
    Maybe you could get a big towel and put it under Lady's tummy and use the ends as a helper to lift or steady her? More comfortable for her than the straps that they sell.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  9. I do hope you come on to Kalispell! It's sure gorgeous right now.... ;)