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Friday, June 15, 2012

Clarkston, WA

These are the best of the photos I took from the moving car today, and none are very good. I hate taking pictures this way, but sometimes it's the only way. They were all from US2 West between Kalispell and the Idaho border.

Let me say (again) that I love Montana and think it is one of the most beautiful states, overall, in the US. I considered taking a spin up to the border and driving a few miles into British Columbia since I have never been in that Province. I had a motel reservation in Clarkston for this evening and figured that would be enough driving for one day, and I didn't want to add any miles to the day's total.

I've always liked Idaho but this was the first time I've been in the Panhandle. It may be the last, because I think the scenery is much better in the lower part of the state. I'm probably swayed also by the terrible traffic and driving conditions around Coeur d'Alene. Between the turnoff for Spokane and leaving Coeur d'Alene are stoplights at every corner, all set so that you hit them when they are red, and malls lining both sides of the highway so that there is a maximum of traffic at all times of day. Yuk! Sorry, but I just don't care for large cities, heavy traffic, or malls.

Continuing on US 95S I was passed by three police cars going at very high speeds, and then an ambulance. Several miles further I saw what caused the trouble - a big tractor trailer must have rolled completely over onto the side of the road. I didn't see the cab, but the trailer was upside down. The EMT crew was putting someone into the ambulance as I drove by. I sure hope he makes it.

The rest of the drive is OK until you turn onto US 12 West, which I found confusing going through Lewiston, ID, and then even more confusing in Clarkston, WA. But I made it to the very nice Motel 6. I have an extremely nice room with fridge (keep my beer cold) and microwave (I won't use). There is a Costco just across the street and down a ways but I'm not even going there because I have no room to put anything. I'll do my shopping when I get back to Sac. There is an indoor pool and hot tub, but I'm too tired to even think about it and will probably be asleep by the time it gets dark.

Lady gets into the car very well today although she hesitates before jumping out of it. She needs her nails clipped, which will be her next ordeal. The worry I have now is that she hasn't eaten for 3 days although she drinks plenty of water, and sure gobbles down the pill wrapped in a slice of turkey.

The next two days should be a fairly easy drive if I remember correctly from doing it last year. It's mostly through high desert which is pretty in its own way. I think somewhere along the way is a High Desert Museum, and I might just take a look if it is one of my "short" days.

Here are some photos that Carolyn took of our trip into Glacier NP. Carolyn was there to help me get the car loaded back up this morning, and took Lady for a nice walk around the premises. It has been so nice meeting her, and I'm sure our paths will cross again. And thanks for lunch yesterday, Carolyn - I didn't need anything else to eat for the rest of the day!

Drinking out of the creek:

A walk down to the lake:


  1. You should have taken the jet boat ride down Hell's Canyon while in Lewiston. :)

  2. I think Lady is holding out for a diet of ALL turkey!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. It just seems to me reading this that you are flying along from NY to WA so fast. That must be some Motel 6. I don't think I've ever heard of one with an INdoor pool and a HOT TUB. I think I might have been in that hot tub just before bedtime. Safe journey tomorrow!!

  4. Lady has gotten spoiled with the turkey and now dog food doesn't match up. But when she gets hungry enough she'll eat the dog food. It's been a long time since we went through that part of ID and I don't remember all the traffic and lights. Will definitely stay away.

  5. think of me when u go thru Redmond, as i am sure u will. High Desert Museum is South of Bend. Just a couple miles, travel safe!!!

  6. I did not realize how big Lady actually is until I saw the pictures today. No wonder you cannot help her too much to get in or out of the car. I hope she will eat soon.

  7. I just finished my blog! Good lord! I had a slooooow connection ... glad to hear Lady is doing good ... sweet little ol big thing ... ;)

  8. Nice posting about . I remeber I have visited your blog one more time when you have posted something about Camping

  9. Glad that Lady is doing a little bit better. Angel usually won't eat whe we travel either. Those are great "moving" pictures. I wish that some of mine would come out as well.