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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bend, Oregon

I arrived in Bend at 3:pm today and have been trying to stay on an internet connection ever since. The free wifi is just about worthless. Add to that I can't find the cord that links my camera to the computer so I can't download any pictures I've taken today. While searching for the cord I found my sunglasses. Now if I could just find my Mifi as I will be home in a couple of days and will have no internet.

I read the blog I posted yesterday and think I overreacted to Couer d'Alene and the Idaho Panhandle, just like I did with Duluth, MN and Williston, ND. I haven't been in any real traffic since I left Milwaukee except for these three places and I guess it just hit me with something I got used to being without - TRAFFIC. So please just ignore my rants about cities, malls, traffic, etc.

I walked around the motel a bit with Lady and we went across the street to see if we could find anything of interest. There is a place called "Imagine That!" and is an adult superstore. Next door to it is a nightclub. I don't think I've ever been in an adult store, but I've seen the inside of a nightclub or two. I have the excuse that I'd go but can't leave the dog.

Looking back at Clarkston, WA where I stayed last night, I really liked it. As I mentioned it was sort of confusing entering the city but easy to drive out of. I had a good mix of US Highways and a little interstate today and the drive was a good one. Coming down US 97 to Bend, the Cascade mountain range was to my right and I loved seeing the snow on the high peaks, one after one of them.

Last night I checked the website for Crater Lake and saw that the north entrance is now open. That means I'll be driving all the way around the crater and through the park. I'm hoping to check out the campground, and if I don't stay this trip, I might drive up later in the summer or early autumn. I really have a camping bug, but not with a car packed with traveling stuff - just want camping stuff and that can easily fit into the cargo area of my Highlander, giving Lady the entire back seat. She's doing pretty well, by the way.

The vet said that she isn't seeing very well so that means her vision and hearing are both a problem. It also makes me think she would be losing her sense of smell, and what is there for a dog if and when all three of those senses are compromised. When I got fuel today I took her for a short walk in back of the station, where she picked up a thorn or something in her paw. It evidently worked itself out because she seems to be ok now. That is one thing I really dislike about the entire west - there is no soft green grass anywhere, unless someone tries to grow KY bluegrass in their yard and wastes a lot of water keeping it alive.

Depending on where I am tomorrow night I may or may not post. If I'm at the motel in Klamath Falls I'll have wi-fi and hope the connection is better than this one.


  1. HaHaa always wanted to go in one 'those' places...

  2. I understand not knowing if you are going to post. I have Verizon Wi-Fi, the little unit you can carry in a shirt pocket. It has worked well everywhere we have been with it. Some places are faster than others, depends on how close the tower is.

  3. Our Skitz twisted wrong yesterday and is in terrible pain. We've got her on the pain pills now and they help but she sure can't move very much. She just sits and shivers and makes strange noises. Always something with these fur kids that we love. Glad to hear that Lady is doing so much better. And wonderful news that the road is open all away around Crater Lake.

  4. Know what you mean by the West having no grass. If & whenever we see some we run over & stand on it. I also like how the traffic thins out the further West one travels.

  5. Yup, Duke had a hard time transitioning to going pee on the gravelly rocks instead of the grass when we went out west. He was sooo relieved to see green grass again as we came east. Too funny!

    Glad Lady is doing better!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. During any vehicle trip, vital "stuff" gets misplaced. I keep a box about the size of a shoebox into which I toss that type of thing that needs to be handy, but constantly gets lost. If there is a top, that is a plus! ;->

    I find that this narrows down the search venue when, invariably, I can't find some vital piece of paraphernalia.

    If a box is too bulky, try a zippered case of some kind - or even an old, capacious purse.

  7. We have a 16 year old Shitzu, who has lost her sight, except for light or dark etc. Her hearing is not good, but clapping our hands mean's we are home, we are near her, ( so we don't startle her) and that is it time to go outside. She responds well , and has selective hearing. She hears her dog dish on the counter and her sense of smell has really improved. If we are cooking, she is there. We have to remember not to move any furniture or close interior doors. She is still a very happy dog. Lady will aapt to her infirmities, just as you and I do !