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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nothing new

After reading Al's blog (The Bayfield Bunch), I am still laughing. All original thoughts I might have had have flown right out of my mind, so I will keep this short.

One day using the eye drops and I don't notice anything except that they sting when I put them into my eyes, but not that bad. I am definitely having trouble reading anything in print off screen, and it seems to be getting worse on the computer screen. I can enlarge print but can't seem to make it more bold, so if anyone has a solution to that I would like to know. If this is what the rest of my life is going to be life I might just scream! It makes the thought of "transplant" seem easier to consider though.

I decided today that maybe I should forgo looking at paper maps (which I can't see very well) and try online search. Well, that doesn't work either as I can't make out the print on screen any better. Amazingly, my distance vision doesn't seem to be as affected, and I can see to drive quite well although I doubt if I would pull a 34' 5th wheel ever again.

My son in New York called this evening and said they have had lots of deer grazing in the back yard today, including a buck, and approximately 30 wild turkeys this morning. Fall must be on the way, and I wish I was in NY right now. It's time to get out and make some short trips, which I hope to start doing in October. Maybe I can get a decent picture to exchange for my blog's long-time header photo.


  1. I'm not going to give that old cliche about Lemons to Lemonade because I think that phrase stinks. Suffice it to say, I wish things were going better for you right now. You deserve it.

    Hope...hope...hope things improve for you soon!

  2. My doctor suggested putting the eye drops in the refrigerator to cut down on the stinging. It also took a while to notice the change as a result of the drops. Good Luck

  3. This eye problem you're having is a real downer for sure. It would be great if some of the suggestions and treatment you're getting started working soon - I hope it will.

  4. I think of all our 'senses' that vision is probably the most crucial, sensitive & noticable. Compared to you I have minor short range vision problems so can only imagine how frustrating is for you. Hopefully the problem is going to be cleared up soon & you can once again move forward. That vision problem is a heavy weight around your neck right now.

  5. Hoping those eye drops make an improvement and you can get on with your plans. I don't saying "be patient" is going to cut it with you. You are such a vigorous and energetic gal, I am sure you are going to find a way to deal with this. You are my HERO!

    Karen and Steve
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