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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I feel like a limp dishrag lately, and I'm having allergy or sinus problems to boot. Since I lie awake for a long time in the middle of the night, I tend to nap during the day which doesn't make for an interesting life. About 3 more days in the 90's and then it will drop to the 70's, which is what I love best. To think my entire summer last year was in the 70's range!

I believe the Old Farmers' Almanac 2011 version has been released, and I will get one first chance. I hope I'll be able to read it and to get some long-range predictions so I can decide where I might want to spend the winter, if not here in Sac.

Several people have commented on my vision problems and suggested a magnifying glass. I had a great magnifying glass that I used for genealogy - enlarging old census records, etc., and I often used it for small print such as the telephone book, Woodall's directory, etc. I lost it somewhere during the past year and I'm sure it is in the rig, no doubt behind or under the sofa. I shone a flashlight numerous times trying to catch sight of it, and even opened out the sofa in an attempt to fish it out. No luck.

So I bought another one since I've been in Sacramento, and it is so absolutely terrible I can't even use it. I think the first one came from Office Depot, which isn't convenient to where I live now, but over closer to Cal Expo. I wish I could find my original lens, but I don't know if I can pull the sofa out a bit. I tried and it didn't budge.

I've had very sporadic internet and phone connections the past week. Fortunately I can get online now and then and get up to date with email, news and blogs. I could just skip the news and be better off.

I will probably spend some time tomorrow with family, which becomes very precious time to me when I think about traveling again.

I am adding a little postscript here before very many folks read my blog today, to say that several times lately I make a comment to someone's blog, go through all the motions to get it published including typing the silly dumb word, but POOF! The comment form is gone, the comment is gone, and I don't know what happened.


  1. I've noticed Google's blogging & comments are full of bugs but I still like the service they provide free. I have also had trouble leaving comments so sometimes I give up.

  2. You may have hated it on the road in that big rig, but I think you handled it better than you think. Your attitude has certainly taken a dive since you got the apartment. At least in the rig, no one would be banging on your ceiling. I know solo ladies that have someone else do the driving of the rig, and hooking/unhooking, and just meet the rig at a location. Just some friendly observations. :)

  3. I hope you can find a good replacement magnifying glass. Even with your new glasses (when you get them) a mag. glass can come in handy. Some print on those maps can be pretty small.

    It is sometimes difficult to really know which way to go, isn't it? Full time RV or no full time RV living. Both have their pros and cons. Maybe if you eventually took your 5er to a really beautiful place of solitude and stayed for a month or two you'd feel better. How about the coastal area next spring? Or a desert area this coming winter if you opt out of the apt. lease. With an RV the possibilities are almost endless. Good luck, and hope those glasses arrive soon !!!

  4. I don't think I've used a magnifying glass since we used them to set paper on fire as kids.

    Have a nice family day tomorrow!

  5. I find this sitting around in one spot for long lengths of time just seems to naturally lend itself to a certain level of discontment for those of us with the the true traveling & adventurous spirit. We have a totally nice place here in the summer but it just drives me to tears some days just sitting here day after day after day. I think you & I had adventurous ancestors & we will never really be content just sitting around boringly looking out the window. That may be fine for a lot of folks....but not us. In the old days some folks were shopkeepers, carpenters, hotel managers, blacksmiths, saloon keepers, etc. People like you & I would have been out wandering the wilds seeking new paths & trails through the wilderness somewhere. We would have been on the move seeking new horizons & adventures. We would not have been shopkeepers living & working in one spot day after day after day. My life has been a multitude of jobs, locations, changes, different people coming & going, never kept the same horse very long, & I was constantly on the move for the most part. People like us are just destined to not sit on our cans everyday & when we try to do that it just leads to frustration & discontment. Keep your head into the wind Gypsy & focus on your next dream.........

  6. I agree with gumo - I've been having lots of problems with blogger lately and not just leaving comments but trying to get my blog posts to actually post. So before I destroy the computer, I put it away for a couple of hours and then go back and try again.

    I loved the Bayfield Bunch comment. That is exactly how I feel and he said it so well. Wanderlust.

  7. I think you need to wander.

    Just a suggestion, but Concan, Texas was one of our favorite places. If you like people around you all the time, If not, Garner Park is not far from there. We love it in that area. Hill Country..

    I still use a magnifying glass with my glasses, so get out there and get you a good one. They also make good paper weights.. :)

  8. Oh I agree with the wanderlust idea too. After only one week of vacation left, I wanna keep on going and going!

    As for blogging comments, I have been having trouble too. So each time I write out a comment, I copy it and then hit the submit. If it goofs up, I have it to just paste in the box again and try it again before moving on to the next blog.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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