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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another day gone

I certainly didn't accomplish much today except to schedule the two tests the doctor suggested, and they will be on November 9. I'm used to being able to get any kind of appointment or test within 3 weeks (NC), so I don't think much of this waiting around. But I'm obviously not going anywhere, so why do I mind.

Tomorrow I have to return to have the blood work done, so I will take care of pharmacy and grocery stops along the way. I used to run out at the drop of a hat, but it's nice to have a tank of fuel last several weeks to a month, and when I don't drive out I don't have to back into this parking spot again. Also, I'm not spending as much money.

The weather is in the mid 70's today and is a beautiful day. Early this morning the forecast was for several days in the 70's, but by this afternoon all that is changed and the predictions are to get up to the high 80's and even into the 90's by the end of the week. Will we ever get back to some decent - in my mind - weather?

A comment on my blog yesterday from Dizzy-Dick asked why I wanted to downsize. I have several reasons, first being that I haven't been able to do the kind of camping I like in the kinds of places I like, due to size restrictions. I have often driven along a highway or interstate and realized I should start looking for a place to stop. In the west especially, there are lots of national forests with small campgrounds, but many are 10 miles or so off the highway. I have never wanted to haul that 5ver back some little road only to find I can't fit into a space, and then have to turn around and come 10 miles or so back to start the search all over again.

Many of us who start full timing don't really understand our complete preferences when we begin the life. I thought I could adjust to big, groomed parks with lots of amenities. It just isn't my style, it turns out, although I don't mind it once in a while. I'm a back-to-nature under the trees sort of woman, as well as more of a minimalist than many RVers. At least most of the time. The 34+ ft. 5th wheel is very nice inside and has lots of space and storage, all of which were appreciated by me. But I found I would trade off some of that space and comfort for some space and comfort out in the forest, in a spot more to my liking, to say nothing about wanting a smaller and easier-to-handle rig.

The great part of the RVing lifestyle is that it accommodates so many different types of folks, their likes and dislikes, rolling homes, etc. There is no one perfect way that will please everyone, and that is what makes it so perfect!

I travel alone with a fairly large dog, so all the space was unnecessary for me, as would be a 2000+ sq ft. stix 'n brix. I don't need a lot of space, while there are many couples, some with kids of varying ages, many with at least one pet, who really need the room.

Speaking of space, the two areas in the home that I like extra space are the kitchen and the shower. Unfortunately, and this is my opinion only, every RV I've ever seen is lacking in this regard. Lacking from the standpoint that they don't have the space I like to have in these areas - not lacking from any fault of design. The space in even a large motorhome or 5th wheel has to be economical and downsized.

I read enough blogs to know that many of you cook gourmet meals in your RV kitchens. I never could do that without splashing water all over the place, vegetables flying from the chopping board, grease splattering in hard-to-clean spaces, a fridge that was too small to comfortably hold the foods I like to have on hand, and a freezer that was constantly needing defrosting! The problem lies with me then.

Comments welcome.


  1. Yep, we know all about those smaller kitchen & bathroom problems alright but it's funny how a person finally adapts after awhile. Our kitchen counter in the rig hardly accomodates a Reader's Digest. Sometimes before we leave in the fall I ask myself, "are we nuts' to be giving up all these great comforts of home just to live in small box for 5 months. Well, I'll take the 'nuts' over boredom anyday!!

  2. Your needs don't sound unreasonable to me. Everything is a trade off in the RV world. Even though we have a 40-ft. MH the kitchen doesn't have huge counter space like some others I've seen on the blogs. We do have a nice bathroom with plenty of space, so indeed, there are trade offs. For sure if I was a solo RVer I'd want no bigger than a 28 to 30 foot rig. I can also appreciate your desires to be camping in more natural settings than regular RV "resorts". There is something in a good and positive way with being out with the birds and trees for neighbors.

    I truly hope you can achieve your dream of selling that 5er and being able to get into something smaller. Always holding good thoughts for you in that regard.

  3. Our last 2 RV's were lacking in either kitchen or bath/shower areas.

    So with THIS rig, we made sure to have both~! The kitchen in mine has tons of cabinets and plenty of counter space, a double door fridge and separate ice maker in another cabinet.

    Our shower is very wide because it is over a tub that I can actually sit down in and relax and lay back (knees bent some), surrounded by glass panels all around instead of a curtain.

    Now when we become fulltimers, this will work out good for us, as we like to cook and bake while we are in the RV now. So I think we are *set*

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Not being a fulltimer, the novelty of having less space works out great for us. We generally use the showers at the resorts we stay at so the smaller bathrooms aren't that big a deal. It would be different I guess if we were going to live in a rig full time.

  5. I'm still in the planning stage, but I agree with you. I think I'd be happier spending more time boondocking in the forest and occasionally at the beach, than in an organized park, with occasional stays where there are normal sized showers, laundry facilities, etc. Also, the smaller the rig, the better mileage, I'd assume. I want to be able to get round in smaller areas, and travel safely on narrower roads. The cost of boondocking would obviously be less, too. I want to be as frugal as I can, without depriving myself too much. I hope your 5er sells soon so when you're ready to go, you'll be able to. Do you know what you want?

  6. Of all the comments on this, NO one has said a word about "getting old". I tell you for sure, the older you get, the MORE conveniences you will need. I don't want to use "shower" house, or their restrooms. I like have a nice pillow top bed. I want all the stuff I had at home, except a yard to keep up!

  7. Different strokes for different folks, although we are pretty much back country campers in the summer, we enjoy boondocking in the desert in the winter and so far have been able to find great spots that fit our 40 footer. But I know what you are saying about forested sites, we have missed a few opportunities for great spots just because of our size. But we need the space if we are to live in this rig fulltime. Or at least we think we do :)

  8. Your individual taste and the limitations opposed by age or physical developments are what make RVing such a custom tailored art.One man's feast is another man's folly, but once you do hit on something that works for you it will be great.I'm sure you will know what is right for you Gypsy when you see it and then go from there.Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  9. I think no matter where you live is a compromise. I thought I had my perfect sticks and bricks and I ended up hating it because it was so much work and took so much time. We have had three rv's since we started our journey to full time trying to find the one that works for us. It is definitely a personal preference and I know that sometime in the future we will once again downsize some more to make it easier to handle. Find what you like and go for it.

  10. Hi Gypsy! I've been away from "blogland" for the summer camping season, and just trying to catch up. I so agree with you about preferring the natural areas over "resort" style campgrounds. I'm even considering a small C, over the TT. Easier to maneuver, i think. Also, the larger livingroom and shower are two things I prefer too. Don't need much bedroom space as all we do is sleep, right? Catch you again soon!

  11. There is no question that in selecting an RV there are many compromises, but that is true of life in general for most of us.

    We went with a 39' motorhome to full time in and two things we wanted were a kitchen large enough to cook in and bathroom facilities that would allow us to avoid the public facilities. This has worked out well for us in full timing.

    However, we have had to miss out on some places we would have liked to stay because of our size.

    So when we finish with the full time thing, we are thinking about a much smaller rig that will be able to take us to the smallest campground or remote site.

    I have yet to see the perfect rig-but I keep looking. :)

  12. We also wanted a nice kitchen, and a big enough shower for my big Hubby. Our kitchen has lots of cabinets and extra counter top space. We have a double door fridge. The shower is large and enclosed with glass. We don't do the public baths or bathrooms.

    Our main reason for having a larger RV is simple. We didn't want to get on each other's nerves. He likes altogether different TV shows, I like to read, he doesn't, I like the computer, he doesn't, so he has his own TV in the bedroom and I pretty much stay in the living room. No matter how much you love one another, if your up each other's butts all the time, something is going to happen. It works for us, but we would both like to spend more time in National and State Parks, but most of the time we are too big.

  13. First thing I look at in a rig, is the kitchen. I just don't understand how anyone can successfully cook with just the space for a sink and stove.
    Gotta have some working space.

    I have had a small motor homes and TT's that had the kitchen nearly all along one side. They were my favorites.
    They don't make them like that any more... too many fast food places!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  14. My boyfriend and I travel part-time in a 21 ft. Roadtrek. It's great for up to six weeks or so, then I get a little cabin fever. We like to eat out when we are in a town but we also like to boondock. It's hard to cook in a small kitchen so we developed a web page with recipes that are easy to cook in a small kitchen but taste so good you don't miss going out. Take a look at www.GoodRVfood.com and let me know what you think. Please send us some recipes!