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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Feel Good!

Just like James Brown sings. Not too sure why, but I do feel great.

Today was an exercise routine day, and I am so enthused about it that I wish I didn't have to take rest days. But for now I will follow the recommended routine that seems to be tailor-made for me. I have never liked exercising except for walking, but for some reason it resonates with me now. Probably because I'm starting to look like a prune or a raisin, all wrinkly, and I want to stop that train right in its tracks! As an added benefit my posture seems to be getting better as well.

This morning I drove downtown to have blood drawn. I had written down the directions from Google Maps and it looked easy enough. The Garmin had a different route in mind for the last few miles, and I went her way. Easy as can be, and I even found a parking spot. The parking is all metered, of course, and is expensive enough. I used a bunch of my laundry supply of quarters.

I didn't like having to get back on the freeway to come home, but just followed directions and again, it was easy as can be. I think the time of day is a factor. When I got off the freeway onto Mather Field Road I decided to drive past Bill's (my ex) old house. The new owners have changed some things so it doesn't look exactly like what I was used to seeing - there won't be any reason for me to drive by again. I'm glad in a way - the first time I drove by after he died and the house was sold was pretty difficult.

Today's agenda included a grocery stop to pick up bread flour and yeast, and the ingredients are in the bread maker right now. If all goes well I will be having bread and butter for dinner. I should find an extra ingredient or two to go along with that, I suppose. On Monday and Tuesday I had the sole filets, and they were delicious! I gave Lady a couple of scraps that stuck to the pan, and she was in doggie heaven!

I'm thinking of getting a newer GPS system, but I get along with this one fairly well and hate to get anything that has a lot more features that I won't use. I think I'd like to have the voice call the street name for turns - they are printed up at the top of the screen but I can't read them now. I also can't read the speed limit or how fast I'm going. That is important to me especially when traveling, but I will have to see if I can just position the unit a little closer so that I can make it out. I doubt if I've used the Points of Interest feature even five times since I've owned the GPS, and the results were not satisfactory at all.

I think I can get a nap in before the bread is ready. I really shouldn't do that because I then stay up later in the evening.


  1. Nothing wrong with fresh bread and butter for supper, in fact that is what me and JB had for supper last Friday I had baked fresh buns to put in the freezer for Sunday night supper with the kids. Well fresh hot bread out of the oven just can't be beat. Enjoy your Supper Gypsy and I am glad you are feeling better.

    Take Good Care
    Brenda Brown

  2. I never look at our GPS while driving but I sure do listen to it. She tells me where to turn, how soon, what exit to take & what lane to be in. I just listen & follow instructions. No need to look at her at all once she is programed for a destination.
    I love bread so much I can't eat it. I have no self control over bread so I have to leave it on the store shelf. If I had a loaf of bread I would slather it up with peanut butter & honey & eat the whole dare loaf!! I love anything doughy.

  3. Hope you enjoy your dinner tonight. Nothing like living on 'bread and water'! Those bread making machines are kind of dangerous as the bread is just so good. We had to put ours away in the garage because we were enjoying the bread just a little 'too much'.

    The GPS voice messages are handy once you get used them.

  4. I can almost smell that bread baking all the way down here in Pismo Beach.

    Probably a good idea getting a GPS that will talk to you with street turns.

  5. Gypsy, we are so dependent on our Garmin GPS, whom we have named Jill. SHe does it right ALMOST very time. Sometimes she's a little slow and it's last minute adjusting, but by and large, Jill leads us right where we need to be!

  6. I haven't used the point of interest setting yet, either. My biggest challenge has been to get a street address that the thing recognizes. :)

  7. I like the talking feature of the GPS, even if I do not always take the advice.

    A new GPS has the advantage of updated map.

    We use the points of interest feature often. Usually OK. Find the most errors with post office locations.

    There sites that you can download all sorts of additional points of interest as well.

  8. Thought about you yesterday when we were hiking up Clingman's Dome in the Smokies. I saw a couple of signs pointing to the Appalachian Trail. Don't think I could ever do the Trail, but we did make it up to Clingman's Dome. Wonderful day, cool and windy. Wish I could have brought the cool home. It is 99 here in W. Ky. today!

    B Hart