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Friday, September 3, 2010

I just want to scream,

and cry, and throw things, and fall on the floor - do I sound like a toddler? I called the Vision Care place, and of course after 8 days my glasses aren't in. They told me probably mid-week, next week. Why does it take so much longer to get anything in Sacramento (and I'm assuming just about all of California) than anywhere else in the country. Your prescriptions? Well sorry, we don't have that in stock, you should come back in three days.

It is now 99 degrees and has been hot all day long, so I won't go pick up my new cooler, even though it would probably help my mood considerably. The real disappointment is not getting the glasses. I'm planning a camping trip in just over a week, and so far I can't see the fine details of the maps well enough to do much planning - actually I can't do any planning at all. And yes, I even broke down and looked online, and that is worse than I thought. I might check to see what comes from a Google search on a particular campground or area, but I certainly couldn't make a decent decision with the vague information to be found online, nor can I look over a broad area of a national forest, for example.

Oh well, if I don't leave 10 days from now, I will leave in 15 or even 20 days.

I had a difficult time sleeping last night, and lay awake from about midnight to 3 am, partly due to the stompers upstairs, who had a friend over.

I disconnected my desktop computer this morning and packed the monitor away. Now I have to figure out a place to store the desktop unit, as well as decide what to do with my old printer. I was hoping that Staples would recycle the old one, and they would, but there is a recycling charge for the service. I hate to see it end up in a landfill, but I'm not going to pay for recycling it. I really believe that stores making money selling you stuff should have to take the old stuff back for recycling in the case of electronics, and I also believe they should have to allow you to leave all the excess packaging behind in recycling bins in the store. Maybe I could drop the printer off at Goodwill - possibly some technician could clear the paper jam and find a wonderful printer that will last a long time.


  1. I'm kind of surprised to hear that the capital city of California doesn't have free recycling depots for any electronic equipment. Or, do they? Maybe you were just referring to Staples.

    That's a bummer about your glasses not being here - seems like a real slow process for sure.

  2. I went back to the optical shop to change my computer glasses that I bought a little while ago and now I have to wait 2 weeks before I get them back. I don't feel as bad as you though because I can see pretty good without them. I hope you will get yours shortly so you can enjoy your maps which I know is what you like to do.

  3. Have you tried using a magnifying glass until your new specs come in? I use one on some maps even with my glasses. That might take some of the frustration out of waiting for them. It's always fun to plan, using maps. :)

  4. I'm sorry about the situation with your new glasses. Frustrating probably doesn't even come close to describing it.

    Hopefully your neighbors will go away for the weekend! :)

  5. I think one of those late night guys referred to California as the land of fruits and nuts. Maybe that explains your problems with getting things done. :)

  6. It took us over two weeks to get Jim's glasses in Montana. However, he had his old ones that he could use in the meantime. I'm fighting with Walmart here in Elkhart, IN trying to get my B-12 serum. It really seems to be everywhere.

    I, too, use a magnifying glass with my glasses on my big print maps. This getting old is really not fun sometimes. I often wonder if the Lord is trying to teach me the patience that I never seemed to learn when I was younger.

  7. If it helps to scream and holler and fall to the floor and kick your heels, Gypsy -- go for it, but watch that falling on the floor. Maybe just lay back on the bed -- it's easier on the old bones!

    It always take at least two weeks for my glasses. but they are a strong prescription, bifocal, and with all the various coatings. We understand you can get them next day if you go to a shop in Mexico, but you might get shot in the process. I always go to Costco for glasses.

  8. I would be very frustrated & blustery as well if I had all those problems going on that you have right now. The vision problem, the floor bangers upstairs, the hot temps, etc. I would think the glasses & vision thing is number one priority. By getting that vision problem finally solved it just may give you the 'foresight' to 'see' your way out of those other problems. Our temps dropped big time a few days ago & what a difference it has made in my energy & enthusiasm levels. You have that to look forward to. I still have to use the magnifying glass for most maps but I've come to accept that. Just a part of doing business with the aging process.....dang it!!