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Friday, October 30, 2009

At the PA/MD Border

I drove 300 miles today and am now at Keystone Campground for the night. My son had offered to come by at 7:30 am on his way to work and help me hitch up. My daughter-in-law brought the two boys by on the way to day care so they could say goodbye, and I am so glad I got to see them again. Mike backed the truck up and got it hitched within seconds! Of course I had set the level of the kingpin just perfectly so the whole process took very little time. I remember when my eyesight was so good, but now I find it more difficult to align the hitch and the kingpin looking through the rearview mirror. He was on target 100%!

The traffic was moderate until I got to I-81S, and then it was heavy all the way. To make matters worse were the frequent road works - one 10 mile stretch took a half hour to get through. Of that ten miles there were about two areas of actual work. The rest was just funneling two lanes into one and then bringing the line of traffic to almost a crawl for no reason. I thought Friday would be a bad day to travel, but it is necessary in order for me to arrive in Asheville on Sunday afternoon. I was on the road this morning at 8:15 but followed school buses for about 10 miles, and they made frequent stops. Hopefully, I can leave early in the morning and get past the outlet malls in Morgantown, WV before the traffic gets heavy. My goal is Salem VA, right next door to Roanoke, leaving me an easy time for the final stretch on Sunday. With everyone in Western NC in church on Sunday morning, there should be smooth sailing on the interstate!

I couldn't figure out how to access wi fi on the Mac, but fortunately the aircard is working well. I don't care how I get online as long as I can do it quickly.

I'm going to wander over to the RV Service Center store and see what I might need. I remember from last year that they have lots of goodies. There is also a special sale going on with lots of RV's on the block as I was informed when I registered at the office. Now if my 5ver was in any shape to sell I might be tempted to look for a Class C, but I'm not going to be in any rush just yet


  1. It's good to know you're all settled in for tonight. We missed you with the fast exit from chat last night. I'm typing away and you were gone. We hope to see you tonight with a strong signal. Tomorrow we get our aircard.

  2. Tell me more about the Keystone Campground. Is it somehow connected with Keystone....that makes RV's. Do you go there for warranty work on your 5th Wheel?

  3. I hope that your drive through Virginia will be an easy one. Sorry, we have tons of road work here too. :(

  4. Safe travels, Gypsy! If you are interested in boondocking in Salem, VA I know the WalMart on Main Street allows overnight parking. We spent all of April in Salem (not at the WalMart of course) and then back again for 2 weeks in July. Nice town. Thinking about a trade-in for a Class C is probably a good "think". Take your time in deciding and selecting the perfect one for you. Can't wait to read about your stay in Asheville.

  5. Gypsy - going from Roanoke to Asheville on I 81 you should be in my neck of the woods if you pass thruough Abingdon and Bristol--please think of me and give a huge wave- I will be there soon!!