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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'll soon be on the road again

Time is quickly passing and my New York visit will soon be over for this year. I will probably leave next Thursday or Friday, depending on what kind of weather is predicted from here to Asheville, and I hope to be in Asheville for about 3 weeks before heading to Savannah.

A heavy rain is falling today and I get nervous when I hear a drip-drip-drip. It seems to be coming from several different areas, so I'm just hoping is is dripping off the roof or from the slides to the ground.

When I first started RVing I picked up a cheap pair of Wellies (Wellington boots) and every time it rains heavily I am so thankful I got them. They aren't the most comfortable boots to wear, but they keep your feet dry.

My three sons are in Ohio today - Columbus and the Ohio State football stadium this afternoon, and in Cincinnati to watch the Bengals play tomorrow. Of course they are loading up on favorite Cincinnati foods as well. Mike promised to bring me some goetta, a traditional German style breakfast sausage that we all love. My mother-in-law used to make it best, the way she learned from her German ancestors growing up on a farm in Celina, Ohio. I have made it myself and it isn't half bad, but my youngest son has turned out to be the best at it. In my younger days, when there was at least a bakery and a butcher shop in every neighborhood, all the butchers made and sold their own.

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  1. Leaving family can be sad...but the fulltime life sure is fun. I'm glad you've had a great visit with the kids. Safe journey to Asheville.