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Monday, October 26, 2009

Thoughts about leaving

Morning sun on Sylvan Lake

This time last year I was itching to get on the road. Frustrated while waiting three weeks for my check to clear and facing a change in weather, I thought of my future as one of being constantly on the move. Now, a year later, I am very sad to be leaving New York although I know a change of weather is bound to come sooner or later. But I find that I like to stay a while and just enjoy being lazy, and of course, having family in the area makes me sad to leave.

I know so much more about my rig than I did starting out, which is just about 100% more. Unfortunately I didn't get much instruction or information about the various components of a 5th wheel, how to maintain them, or what to watch out for. I've made a lot of mistakes, as well as neglected things that I should have noticed and taken care of right away. But I'm still around to talk about it at any rate.

So what do I think after my first year of full time RVing (actually, ANY kind of RVing)? I covered a lot in my assessment of 6 months and, if anything, the same feelings have just become stronger. I wish I had something smaller and easier to handle than a 34' fifth wheel; I don't like to be constantly on the move, but to relax and get the feel of an area before moving on. Unfortunately when you are trying to beat the first snowfall, or get to a particular place by Christmas, you lose some of the fun of traveling. I like to stay in parks where the natural world is prominent, rather than groomed resorts with lots of amenities and activities. Maybe because I travel alone I enjoy being around others as I was during my first volunteer assignment at Lassen National Park, and I look forward to being able to volunteer in the national parks as long as I'm still on the road.

Surprisingly to me, I miss my house. I miss my furniture, my kitchen, my washer and dryer. I've never been one to become attached to "things", but I was very happy with what I had. My urge to travel and explore trumped everything, however, and I don't think I could live any other way, although I wish I had my house to go back to once in a while - sort of a home base.

And my faith in a Divinity has been strengthened. With all the dumb things I've done, the times I've taken the wrong turn and wondered if I'd ever find my way back, I know some higher power is looking after me, and I hope she continues to watch what I'm doing.


  1. You will always have an angel watching over you. Maybe with another year and less trouble you'll love being on the road next year. It's great that you've made it the first year. Congratulations.

  2. Gypsy, in my humble opinion (I'm older too) if you could find your way clear to exchange your 5th wheel for a Class C somewhere 30' or under, I think you would be much happier. As a female older RV'er, I would much rather drive that kind of rig. If you need a car, which we do, it is not nearly so hard to hook up a small car and you hardly know it's back there. I have driven both and much prefer the motorhome. Yes, it is roomier in a 5th wheel but the MH is comfortable and my dogs were not a problem. They just found their place in the rig.
    Just some thoughts from a contemporary.

  3. Gypsy, we love being on the road, but are always happy to get back to our house and home base. It just makes it all the more special when we do go away for extended trips. You seem to be doing well!

  4. I really enjoy the honesty you display in your posts....some misgivings, fears, delights, joys, trials, and so forth. It makes no sense to do it any other way. I love your blog and wish you the best in your journey.

  5. Oh Gypsy, you and me gotta camp next to each other sometime! We both like the same things in a campground. LOL Just wait for me, I got till 2013 to hit the road full time. ok?

  6. I too am slowly learning that the two lifestyles compliment each other very well. I look forward to hitting the road but I look forward to heading back to home base as well. Just wish there was a bit more road time than house time. I too think you would be happier with a Class C type of unit. We've had a travel trailer as well as a 5th wheel & I wouldn't go back to either one of them. I think you have done amazingly well for a person on your own. Keep working on your dream, refine it, tweak it, make the changes where you have to, & keep thinking forward......:))

  7. I just found your blog today Gypsy and I've been sitting here for an hour reading your archives. I can't tell you how great is to find someone living the dream that I am working towards (just bought a 31' TT and am putting my house on the market in Jan). I'm 34 and planning on doing this alone, and now I know that it is possible. I look forward to traveling vicariously through you for now and hopefully someday we'll be camped in the same place and share a beer. :)