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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The vent cover is on

Now I won't have to worry if it rains or snows, or if the wind blows, the hatches are all closed! Mike came over this afternoon with his two boys and took care of it. His 3 yr old asked if he could go up on the roof also, and at first I think Mike wanted to say no; finally he let him climb the ladder and helped him over the edge onto the roof. I got some cute pictures, but as I was watching a wiggly 1 yr old on the ground, couldn't take much time to set up the shot. I haven't downloaded them off my camera yet.

Mike also got my Apple keyboard and wireless mouse set up so they both work. It is odd, but when I plug in the USB air card I can't use the usb port next to it - the air card is too wide and there isn't room for another device next to it. We thought maybe it could be plugged into one of the two ports on the keyboard, but that isn't possible because of the lack of space available. I would seriously consider getting satellite if I had the money to plunk down for it, but then I read the blogs of those RVers who have to mess with the satellite, and there is usually one to go adjust and tinker with the dish, plus one inside the rig to shout hallelujah when it is working, and I can't be two places at once. So I will just continue to struggle with what I have and hope that Ft. Pulaski has wi fi, which they probably don't, so my next hope is that the AT&T air card works at super speed in the Savannah area.

It is fun having the grandchildren visit me on my turf. They are fascinated with the steps up to the bedroom area, and of course, the pedal flush on the toilet. A one year old quickly finds all the stuff he shouldn't be playing with: empty bottles saved for recycling; dog's water and food bowls; the dog bed upstairs covered with dog hair, and a host of other things. I am worn out in a short time, but I love it!


  1. Glad the vent cover is on!! Now you will be dry and comfortable.

    Grandchildren are the best. I'm glad you are getting time with them. You can always rest later, right?

    We've had the AT&T aircard for a couple of years and it has really worked great,especially when near larger towns and cities. Out in the cornfields of Iowa we had a bit of trouble. Not bad, though, and we'll take it over the WiFi problems we used to have.

  2. Thank goodness the cover is on and all is well. Things are looking up for you big time! It's too bad we didn't have grandkids first they're the greatest! Wait, maybe it's the reward for having kids.

  3. Did you know that you can get an adapter that plugs into a USB port that acts like an extension cord, giving you additional space to plug items into. My laptop only has 2 USB ports and I don't have room to plug my aircard and my wireless mouse side by side. The adapter is real inexpensive, seems like less than $10 at Walmart. Hope this helps!