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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A better day is coming

After a rainy and windy day yesterday, it looks like today will be lovely. I'm going to drive to Walmart for a couple of items and then stop at the grocery. I slept well last night thanks to the Benadryl and the cough medicine, and I'm hoping I can ward off bronchitis. That's what it feels like I'm trying to get, and not the flu.

I've had a call in for mobile RV service for a couple of days, but the guy has never called me back. I got his voice mail yesterday and left another message. Somewhere along the way I lost the dome vent cover over the shower. I didn't realize it until it started raining a couple of days ago I duct taped a small piece of tarp over it but the winds blew it away yesterday, so I then folded it to fit beneath the fan where I hoped the wind wouldn't catch it. There are gaps which let in the cool air, but the tarp is still in place. I am thinking about going to Campers Barn later and if they have them in stock I might buy it there, although I'm not sure I could install it properly. How I hate getting on that roof, especially with a strong wind blowing.

I thought the clouds reflecting in Sylvan Lake this morning made a pretty picture.

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  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon! I had bronchitis about a month ago and it seemed like forever for it to go away! Hope yu caught yours soon enough to curb that! Take care of yourself and know that Mac & I are thinking of you.