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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not much of a shopping experience-2nd post

I stopped by Mike & family's house, had some coffeecake and got directions to the Mall. I looked at Target and Best Buy for computers and televisions. Best Buy is a store I've boycotted for several years because of a negative experience I had, but I knew they carried PC's as well as the Mac, so I tried it. I also hoped they would be able to tell me something about the upcoming Windows 7, but customer service is non-existent there. Although there were staff in the department, they were helping men only - I saw several women looking at different computers, and not one staff person offered to help, nor did they ask if I needed assistance. They were standing around talking with each other - those who weren't busy helping guys.

I'm sorry, and probably every male reader will think I'm imagining it, but I'm not and it is true. But then I've never been to a Best Buy where the staff seems anxious to offer anyone assistance. Customer service: ZERO!

Then I stopped at Target (mainly because I had to go through it to get to the parking lot) and looked at TV's. I am considering a small flat screen that is also inexpensive. Even at $199, is it worth it to me to get approx. 5 channels - History, Animal Planet, Weather, PBS, and HGTV? Even those 5 can be worthless most of the time - History does a good job with some of its programs, but it repeats itself over and over (pun intended).

I think I have a negative attitude when I go shopping, thinking I won't find anything I need, except for when I go with my daughter or granddaughter. Then I have fun watching them in action and just waiting around for them to make up their minds.

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  1. Well, here's my 2 cents worth about the computer issue. From what I read & hear the Mac computer system is by far the best. But, so is a Mercedes-Benz when you compare it to an ordinary Chev or Ford. I think if you did a lot of commercial graphics & artistical type work the Mac would be the one but for ordinary everyday emails, web surfing, maybe playing a few games, etc.....I would stick with the ever popular & more affordable computers. More folks are able to help you if you are using what they are using. Just something to think about.