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Monday, October 19, 2009

In Pennslvania

I arrived before Noon, safe and sound, and Ara and I were soon at the local Emergency Room. They did a couple of tests and determined that she had indeed had the flu but that antibodies had developed. The bottom line is that she was seen by a doctor and given medication which should start to work quickly, and hopefully she will feel well enough to go to class on Wednesday. The college has been on Fall Break and classes will resume on Wednesday.

My intuition to not drive here on my way to New York was confirmed when I left the Interstate and started over the winding and steep, narrow road. The grade was 10% for several miles, plus the twists and turns, and would have made me a nervous wreck had I tried to pull my 5th wheel. Plus, I would have wanted to come back when Ara became ill, so in the end everything is coming up roses.

Ara and my daughter have Skype, and when I arrived at the dorm this morning I talked to Jeannie - it is so nice to be able to see her as we are talking. I will ask Ara to download the program so I can get in the circle as well. My son Joe has it as well, so we need to talk Mike and Steve into getting webcams and we are all set!

Dinner time for me, so I'll close this and post.


  1. So glad to hear all is going to be well with Ara. Have a safe trip back to your campground.

  2. What a good grandma. Thank goodness Ara is okay. Guess you were in the right place at the right time!

  3. I am so glad that your granddaughter is feeling better. I was concerned when you said she had breathing problems. I wish both of you well.

  4. Good to hear you made it ok. Great that granddaughter is doing ok too.

    I have Skype and love it . Free to download program. Then you can talk computer to computer with a speaker and earplugs and see each other if you have a web camera. Also with the program you can sign up to get a telephone number and then via your computer you can call any computer, land line, cell phone, I phone or whatever, and folks can call you on that phone number. No toll charges no taxes no long distance charges. I pay 2.95 a month, I think they have other pkgs. that might make it a little cheaper if you pay for more time up front. It is definitely a go check out thing to do. I love it and it works great for me.

    Later Linda

  5. AWww Grandmas know best.. how good of you to take care of her.

    We used Skype to visit with grandson when on vacation. Works great but does eat up bandwith on our aircard usage.