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Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am so cold, but I need to get more propane for the furnace, and my electric usage has gone way up since I've been using the electric heater so much. So this morning I just got out my capilene long underwear and I am moderately warm except for my hands. I am really counting on Savannah being warm this winter.

I am so relieved since calling several medical providers in Asheville this morning, and getting 3 appointments in the first 2 wks in November. That is usually impossible because some of them are booked way ahead. I will leave NY the 30th of October so as to be on time to see my doctor the 2nd of November. I should be able to make it in 3 days but I'm counting on decent weather.

My laptop will be ready this evening and I'm looking forward to getting it back with Word loaded. I need to figure out what I want to move from my desktop over to the Mac. I have tons of pictures, many of them from my genealogy hobby, and they really need to be better organized and indexed, but I've lost many of my organizational skills in the past few years. It is ironic that the better I become at achieving a relaxed attitude, the better my life is but my practical skills are being lost or forgotten in the process. I will take that as a good thing, and just one more advantage to becoming older - Lord knows, I need every advantage I can get!

I have ordered 100 business cards printed with my address, phone #, email address and blog website. They come in handy when meeting and exchanging info with other RVers. I had a few that were printed for me by the mail forwarding company I signed on with in South Dakota, but I hope to meet lots of folks while I'm in the southeast this winter and will need a good supply of cards. Two hundred fifty cards would have been only $5 more but I ask myself, "Gypsy, do you think you will live long enough to distribute 250 cards?" I decided that when I'm down to the last 10 or so cards I'll just order another 100, and that way I'm not tempting fate!


  1. You're a hoot! 250 cards is a lot, you can do them on word on your computer and design them yourself. I think you have a printer. We're hoping to meet you in Asheville, timing will be everything.

  2. At my age I don't buy any green bananas!