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Thursday, October 29, 2009

More about the aircard

Several people have written and said it shouldn’t make any difference which computer I use if they are in the same location, which is my dining table. The desktop seems, for some reason, to be able to lock on the signal and to hold it longer, but that isn’t always true. The Mac takes longer to find the network and then goes in and out.
The screen on the desktop is AT&T Communications, I prefer since I can easily access my account from it. The Mac, however, is for Sierra Wireless Watcher, and I am guessing that Sierra Wireless is the manufacturer. I’m not sure why Sierra came up when I first used it on the map rather than AT&T Communications, but it probably doesn’t make a bit of difference.
In an effort to research my problem I found a forum and noted a post by someone who claimed Sierra Wireless doesn’t work well with a Mac. The administrator’s response was to cut the post short and state that this forum was not the proper place for the discussion, but there wasn’t any indication of where the original post had been moved to. I certainly hope it isn’t an indication of what I will always experience with this air card. I bought it in Jan 2009 on a two year contract, which leaves me a long time to be frustrated. I might look into inquiring about the penalty, and just give it up. I’m not sure I would go with Verizon – in remote areas of the West I have more problem with my Verizon phone than with AT&T, while the opposite is true in the East. Some readers may not have the same experience, and no doubt they both work when you are in or near a large metropolitan area.

Today is the Halloween party and parade at my grandsons’ day care, and this will be the second year I attend the festivities. I’ll be pulling out tomorrow morning and hope to get on the road by 9:00 am. While I have stops planned for two nights on the road, they may change. I’ve learned to be open about that and not plan too much and I’m happier that way. Flexibility and a receptive attitude are my keys to enjoying this life on the road.

Later this morning, I am at my son's house for brunch and brought the computer and aircard. I connected almost instantly and this baby is running at lightning speeds, so I have high hopes!


  1. Gypsy,
    I am new to your blog. I think you are very bold to strike out on you own. And I have so much enjoyed your blog. I do have a question for you, are you a member of the Escapee's RV Club? We are thinking about going full-time ourselves but have been strongly advised to join SKP's. They have a strong network for Full-timers. Also they have a great form site to answer all kinds of questions.
    I'm sure you have checked out all avenues. We too like boondocking and feel it is the only way to go.

  2. We have been very satisified with our Verizon air card so far. It's slow here in Brownfield Texas but it's still working. Worked everywhere we boondocked last winter but we always travel with our fingers crossed just in case/

  3. I'm enjoying your blog very much.

    We also use the Verizon Air Card and have only had one or two times where the reception was low, but we still got access, just at a lower speed.

    Have you talked with Verizon about your problems? There's always the chance that it could be a problem with your individual air card (should be covered by Verizon), or perhaps there's one little thing that needs to be tweeked by you (Verizon techs may be able to help you with that also).

    Good luck and save travels to you.