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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My new computer

I am absolutely wild about my new MacBook! I have spent nearly the entire morning playing around with it and learning some of the features -- in fact it is almost Noon and I'm still in pajamas.

I'm normally not a fan of tutorials. I learn by doing (and making lots of mistakes). But the Apple tutorials are very well done and I have found out how to import my photos as well as CD's. I had previously tried to get my photos loaded but could only do one at a time, which was very time consuming. I think I will be able to get them all off a flash drive now, and there are so many ways I'll be able to organize them. Same with the CD's - all I have to do to get my music on iTunes is to play a CD and import it. I went to the iTunes store looking for Bluegrass, and while I could find lists of individual songs to buy, I couldn't find a way to get a preview as I can on Amazon. If any Mac users know how to do this I would appreciate the help.

All in all this is one fantastic machine! I can't say I think it will come as easily to me as to a younger person who has grown up with this sort of technology, but I'm catching on fast enough to please myself. It is ironic - when I got the computer and took a look at what is available I thought to myself - I won't ever use iPhoto, or iTunes, etc. Now I can't wait to get started with them. I just love it when I occasionally break out of my old dinosaur mode.

It is surprisingly mild today but I understand we are going to have torrential rains this weekend - something about the remnants of a hurricane sweeping up to the northeast. I am perched on the edge of a hill - hope it doesn't wash us away.


  1. Hey, slow down Gypsy, your excitement is shaking all the leaves off the trees over here in Ontario!! Don't ya just love it when technical stuff works out so great for a change:))

  2. Hi Gypsy, I'm not a Mac user, but I can still let you know you how to preview songs on iTunes, o.k. - it works the same for us PC Windows users who visit iTunes!! When you see the list of songs to buy, just 'double-click' on the Title and will begin playing a preview!

    Glad to hear you're enjoying your Mac!

  3. Gypsy, I am enjoying my MacBook Pro, too, but it has taking some time getting used to it. I have a long ways to go to learn it. One thing I really like is the fast boot up: only 25 seconds and I am online.


  4. Enjoy that great computer! Glad things are working out well in that regard. Learning new things can be daunting sometimes, but it sounds like you're doing just fine.