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Monday, October 12, 2009

It's getting cold in New York

The thermometer registered 30F when I got up this morning. I didn't look at the indoor thermometer but I know it was chilly. I don't like the furnace going on and off all the time, so I usually turn it off during the day, and forgot to reset it before I went to bed last night. I don't think I'm ready for the cold.

I didn't work on the carpet yesterday, nor did I visit the recycling center. I dropped my bottles and cans off in my son's bin and visited for a while, and then we took Katy to catch her train back into the City. Then we went to West Point, to the commissary and px. The fall colors are nearly perfect around the Point, but no matter the season I think that is about the most beautiful site in the entire state!
Later on after a roast beef dinner, Mike entered the order for my new Mac, and I should allow 8 days to get it, although I'm told they like to give the maximum amount of time it should take, but that it will likely ship much sooner. I didn't order any bells and whistles with it, but I did get an Apple keyboard with number pad. I have a wireless mouse as well as a USB mouse, so I plan to try them both and if neither does a good enough job I can always order an Apple Mouse. A friend of Mike's was pretty adamant that I order Apple Care, and Katy was insistent about it as well. I normally hate to buy insurance on anything I buy new, but this seems to be an important point with the Apple. In the long run it will be worth it to me to have the peace of mind. At least I've never heard that Apple goes out of their way to deny a claim when something does go wrong.

So today I have to get back to the mundane things in life, like carpet cleaning, and I'm finally going to put the winter sheets on my bed.


  1. I keep those winter flannelette type sheets on my bed all year round. Just like the soft feel of them & I like to be on the warm & toasty side at times:))

  2. It was 28 degrees here in Tumwater, WA yesterday morning. Too soon for me! I know the fall leaves in your current area are fantastic. We came through the Catskills after seeing Maine in 2000. More beautiful than words can describe. Enjoy the new Mac.

  3. My Macbook Pro came in yesterday. I love it. Only takes 25 seconds to boot up and start using. I must say it will take some learning for a while but that is fun, too.

    I know you will enjoy yours, too.