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Monday, December 1, 2008

Gypsy is a GPS convert

I am planning to leave on Tuesday morning for the drive to Greencastle PA. The GPS gives the estimated time as 5 hrs & a few minutes, but I'm sure it will take me at least 6, and maybe more. I have been taking my things over to the rv today and loading them - I really don't have all that much but more than you might think. I can't use the area behind the front seats because that is where the dogs have to ride, so I'm limited to the passenger seat & pickup bed to carry everything.

I tried to introduce the dogs to their new home today and Lady absolutely refused to go up the steps. Since she weighs 85# I can't really lift her, and she can be contrary enough to twist out of her collar. I think I will tighten the collar when I get to the campground, and drag her! I don't know what else to do. When I was carrying things to the 5ver I just attached her leash to the big handle, and she went under the 5ver to hide. When I came out she was lying out in the sun.

But the real story today is that I have become a convert to the cult of GPS! You may recall that I have sworn I would never buy or use one, and then when I bought one I said I would only use my maps and the GPS was just for show or in case I got desperate. Well this morning I got the google directions to the kennel in Hyde Park to pick up the dogs. I usually drive up the Taconic Parkway and know that route pretty well, but NY has signs posted at every entrance to all parkways that only passenger cars are allowed. I know for sure that in the past they have ticketed drivers who tried to take a pickup truck on the parkway. I have heard that they relaxed the rules somewhat, and I have seen many pickups on a couple of the parkways, but my son said that my F-350 with duals might be borderline, so I decided to take an alternate route.

The alternate route took me into Poughkeepsie, and I must have missed a critical turn because I found myself on the Mid-Hudson bridge going across the river into Ulster county! When I finally got to a street that I could turn into, with a traffic light to help me get back out, I pulled into a parking lot and got the GPS out, and got directions from there to the kennel. It was perfect and the nice lady gave me excellent directions. When I got the dogs I programmed in the return trip, but decided I'd had enough with Poughkeepsie so I drove the way I always have in the past - the nice lady kept having to recalculate, but I don't think she got as upset with me as I thought she would. The bottom line is: Gypsy is sold on the GPS! I will still look at my paper maps, and I may change the route on my own, but the Goddess of GPS is going to be my principal guide from now on.

So all those who told me I "must have" a GPS, you can go ahead and say "I told you so".


  1. Can I really tell you, I told you so? Well, it does have some bad moments, but all in all I can get home when I need to. I just have to remember to set the fast route, or the scenic route. Have fun! I'm so glad you're headed our way (to NC).

  2. Just found your blog,... and noticed on your profile that you love bluegrass,.... for sure, bluegrass DOES rule! I've bookmarked your blog and will check back again. Good luck!