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Monday, December 8, 2008

More of the same--work, work, work!

It's back to storage again today and I'm returning a couple of boxes of things I don't need. I've decided to try to find a place for my desktop & monitor, and as long as I can hook up to the internet I'll keep it. I doubt I can though, because the desktop didn't have a wireless card in it--I had to buy a router when I got the laptop so I could use it at home. If I eventually buy an air card I will need a different type of router, so maybe it's not going to be worth it? It's all more complicated than I have time or inclination to figure out right now.

I slept well part of the night but was awake with a coughing spell for what seemed like hours. Maybe I do have a cold and in that case I should have tried one of those miracle patent medicines touted by Paul Harvey. I didn't, so now I suffer. (For any readers out there, let me hasten to add that I don't actually listen to Paul Harvey and know only what I've been told he says.)

Sometimes I wish I was married to a man who understands electricity, plumbing, and things like that. (Not often, but sometimes). I got my hot water running a couple of days ago but it wasn't consistent - ran hot & cold, and didn't seem to mix correctly. Now I don't think I have hot water at all. I have the switch turned to use electric, but when I had hot water I tried it on propane. I don't want to use up my propane to have hot water on tap 24/7, and I don't want to waste fresh water by runing it for a long time to see if the hot is really working.

I also wish I had whatever coax cable I need to hook up my tv to the cable here. I haven't watched tv since I left NY and would like to keep track of current weather conditions. I have an antenna on the rig but don't have a clue what it will do or what to do with it. I get a beautiful blue screen when I turn the TV on! I got the converter box since the TV is not digital, but will wait until I get to CA and have my son, Steve, hook it up. He may not know it but he is also going to hook up the pressure pro, plus some other little odds & ends.

I'll be on my way now and maybe post again later in the afternoon, if anything happens worth writing about.

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  1. You can get a wireless usb controller at Walmart for $36 that will allow your pc to see wireless networks including your own router. we have our own network set up with a verizon air card and both the pc and laptop can be online at the same time. Its pretty easy. wish I could help with your water problems but I cannot tell without seeing it in person. Jesse