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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rainy Day

I don't know if I will get much done today. For one thing, it's raining. Not that it should make any difference, but it's an excuse. I may walk up to the CG office/store in a little while and drive them crazy. I'd like to figure out what is wrong with the light fixture over the dining table, as that is where I have my laptop set up and I need more light. If there is a drawback to this particular 5ver it is that it's fairly dark inside. There are the shades that are two in one (I can't remember what they are called), but the first layer is a beige color which blocks the sunlight. The second is a white layer that lets in a bit more light, but not all that much. The electric lights inside aren't as bright as those in a stix & brix, not even as bright as CFL's which I used in my home. I have plenty of windows but they aren't the gigantic picture windows you see in some units, but I understand that the larger the window the less energy efficient it is, so I'll be satisfied with the smaller ones.

Another problem I have is that I put things away and then can't find them when I want them. I am frantically looking for the box of Pressure Pro equiment but can't find it anywhere. I think this problem will eventually work itself out. It's easy to find the dinner plates, the coffee, etc., but where do I store the various sizes and supplies of batteries? The maps? The Pressure Pro?

I have always been very picky about who cuts my hair and I just hate it when I have to find someone new. I phoned my hairdresser in Swannanoa on Saturday, but she was off for a week. So when I went over to Walmart early Sunday morning I walked into the salon and got a haircut. What a terrible job of it, but I'm not as upset as I once would have been. I'd like my hair to look perfect, and since it is very thick I need a good cut, but frankly I don't give a damn! So if you are at a rest stop and wonder, "Who IS that woman with the crappy haircut?", that'll probably be me.

I think I've used a bottle of propane since Friday afternoon, and this is only Tuesday. It's going to get expensive at this rate,and I hope I can find a way to reduce it. I can usually set the heat down to 60 at night - could probably go lower because I sometimes wake up from being too warm. I think the water heater is set for electric right now, as is the fridge, so that shouldn't be affecting my propane usage. I need to go check it again as the tank may not actually be empty yet. I must have gotten the water problem worked out because I had a wonderful shower last night and the water temp stayed consistent.

I brought my 6' ladder from storage but for the life of me I can't get it to fit into the storage bay, partly because it's so unweildy and I have trouble maneuvering it. I may take it back to storage and hope I don't need one before I reach CA.

I spent a lot of time last night looking at maps and trying to find CG's along the way to CA. I haven't decided if I will take I-40 yet or go on down to I-20, but I prefer 40. I did figure a way to completely avoid Atlanta if I should go to I-20, and that is through Knoxville & Chattanooga, and straight to Birmingham. But if I stay on that route it will lead me right through DFW, one of my worst nightmares! I'd like to stop & visit a friend in Oklahoma, so that's the route I'm hoping for.

Finally, the state of my health. I don't know what's wrong with me except for the awful cough and congestion plus losing my voice - could be just about anything. I got some Vicks Vapo-rub and found it actually works! Who would think that the $3.50 jar of something that my mom kept on hand for when we had chest colds would be just as good if not better than paying to see a doctor and getting an expensive prescription. Mom usually did know what's best.


  1. Sounds like you need a small electric heater to take the edge off of your propane use. When you are paying for the CG anyway might as well use their power as your propane. We used I-40 all the way from New Mexico to Tennessee last year but found it to have a lot of truck traffic on it. I mean really a lot.

  2. Gypsy I bought small electric heater - on eo f those cube things at Walmart for about $20 - and like JB if i am in a CG with paide elec I use all elec including one burner hotplate and crockpot. For the batteries I have a small shoebox I put all the batteries and charger in. It also holds a lot of little electronic things I need. Its easier to find the box with all the batteries than to look here for A's and There for Cs and everywhere else for D's. Have a safe trip.You're doing great. Thanks for paving the way.

  3. You're doing great!! I can't help with what may be wrong with the light, but whatever you do we're learning from you what to do to fix it. Safe travels!!