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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

I had a wonderful Christmas with family yesterday, and today has been an easy, relaxed day. Steve drove me through 3 local RV parks but none of them were perfect - one was nice enough but the manager wasn't very friendly. I will keep looking although there isn't much that is close to where I want to be for the next month.

We stopped to fill up my propane tanks. The sign said $3.99/gal. for propane. I have two "30's" and am not sure if that is two 30 # tanks or two 30 gal. tanks. Either way, it sounds pretty expensive. I paid $26 for each tank in North Carolina. I'm hooked up to Steve's electric so that's how the fridge is running. I turned the heat off but there was frost on the grass this morning, and I think I should probably set the heat at 55 or 60 degrees, which would keep the basement warm. There is so much I have yet to learn.

Steve and Megan gave me a down comforter for Christmas. I have always wanted one but have been too frugal to buy one for myself. I am so excited about finally having one and being able to stay warm. The dogs and I are staying inside their house temporarily, and I commented on how much I loved the down comforter on the bed I'm using, so they went out and bought me one.

There probably won't be much to write about for the next few days unless I find a suitable RV park. I am so anxious to get into a space for a few weeks and start an early spring cleaning! I did the basics when I was in Asheville, but the rig will be so beautiful when I have it spruced up. The exterior is going to be a big job, though, and I will throw a work party and entice the kids & their spouses to help.

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  1. I believe a 30# bottle which is likely what you have is about 7 gallons.