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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ready for a new day

I had a decent enough sleep last night because I spent so many hours in bed! Until the late, late hours the truck traffic was pretty heavy, and then it started up again before dawn. I don't mind it though - I would far rather drive on a road with trucks than with heavy car traffic. Why is it that when you get near a large city, say Nashville, people drive like idiots? I've never minded the trucks and have always tried to take their size and weight into consideration, and to give them plenty of room. Now that I'm driving a truck & towing a 5th wheel, I've noticed the same consideration from many of them. I have to drive through Memphis today, and that is always a challenge.

It was windy last night, and when I woke up I raised the blind to see what the outdoors looked like. I thought it had snowed, but it was all the RV spaces and lanes that are white gravel. After I bundled up and got outside I realized that it is relatively warm. Little Rock, my destination today, looks ok too, but OKC will be very cold tomorrow so I may have to change directions and drive south. I need a thermometer for the outside temp, for the truck as well as for the 5ver. The ones at Ace Hardware were either too big or looked like too much to set up. I want something I can stick on the window & be done with it!

I want to mention that Miss Garmin performed fairly well. She tried to steer me straight through a big road construction zone in Knoxville but I just followed the signs to stay away from it; then I would have taken the bypass around Nashville but she told me to go straight through. I followed her directions and probably saved many minutes and miles, and it really wasn't so bad after all. I won't do that for Memphis though and will take a good look at the map before I leave.

I will add to the post when I get to my destination if they have wi-fi available.

LATER: Checked into a KOA in N. Little Rock by 3:30. It is very nice, but I don't think I can aford KOA's every night. I believe I will go south to Texas tomorrow since the weather through Oklahoma & the TX Panhandle doesn't look promising. I will probably find rain tomorrow no matter which way I go, but I just don't want icy rain.

The ride today was bumpy in parts of east Arkansas. With winter approaching the roads will only get worse. Ms Garmin took me around the north of Memphis, by the way, which I could have found myself because it is well marked. But it is nice to hear her tell me to keep left or keep right when the interstates keep splitting off.

I can say one thing definitely: I DON"T LIKE FUELING UP - mainly because the stations seem to be very confusing. I guess after you've done in 100 times it might get easier, but they usually don't mark clearly where the RV's should go, and when they do, I can't find the lane for diesel. I've had that happen a couple of times today. I will have to get fuel soon after leaving tomorrow, but hopefully I can make it out of the city and heavy traffic before I do.

Speaking of fuel, I am beginning to doubt the mpg for diesel fuel that I've sometimes seen reported. I think I'm getting 10 or 11, and I am sure I'm not overweight. And the truck just had service.

It feels good to be out from behind the wheel and sitting in my house on wheels.


  1. If you read the forums, most people towing 5ers get 10-11 mpg, so you are right in there. The diesel engines are so strong you could be 1000lbs or more over weight and would not know the difference.

  2. I second that---we average around 10 to 11 mpg. So, you are doing just dandy! Debbie