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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Soon, I'll need an ark

....not a 5th wheel. If I was back in my old house I would be rejoicing over the rain, and even yet, I'm happy for western NC that experienced severe drought the past couple of years. I doubt if there is any way to really enjoy being in a 5th wheel during prolonged rains, and especially with two good-sized dogs. I try to dry them off when we come in, but they still end up shaking the water off and track their damp paws all over, and this occurs at least 3 times a day.

First off this morning I went to Advanced Auto Parts and bought a suitable tire gauge. Then to the doctor who told me I had bronchitis and prescribed an antibiotic plus a cough syrup with codeine. I feel better just knowing that I'll start feeling better soon.

Then I took the truck to a Penzoil "jiffy-lube" type of place. I was lucky they had no other vehicles when I arrived, because customers started piling in while I was there. The service guys all just loved my truck! They were probably thinking, "What in the world is that old woman doing with such a fine truck". But good southern boys who are raised right don't say things like that. They said something like "A woman came in today, she had to be Grandma's age, bless her heart, and she was drivin' a FORD F-350 WITH DIESEL ENGINE AND DUALLY TIRES!!! Bless her heart."

They showed me the air filter, apologizing for the cost of a new one, but I decided to go ahead and get a new one now. The filter cost $40 and they had to get it from a NAPA parts store a few blocks away. They checked my tire pressures which were fine. I asked about the fact that the outside dually was put on reversed, so that the valve stem pointed inward and was on the inside, making it difficult to get to. One guy told me his step dad had the same truck and the tires were put on in the same manner. So I won't worry about it, and I hope I don't experience any problems on my trip. When checking me out, the man again apologized about the cost of the air filter and said he didn't charge me the bottle-of-oil surcharge. I didn't ask, but would figure the surcharge is for the recycling of the old oil?

Next I had my prescriptions filled, followed by a trip to the grocery. I just set the bags in the fridge and will have to sort everything out and put it away properly this evening. I can see that it isn't going to be possible to stock up very much on fresh produce or meats. I'll just have to shop more often.

It doesn't look like the rain is going to let up and I'm debating driving through it to the storage bin for one more time. I still don't have my bath towels, except for one large bath sheet I pulled out of one box, and two bath mats. The dogs stayed home while I ran my errands this morning, but I hate to leave them alone again in the afternoon

I think I will opt to make a storage run while I'm feeling inclined to do it. I've been so slow to get moving lately that this sudden burst of energy must be taken advantage of.

A little later and I am back from storage. Never did find my towels, but I got my electric throw, an afghan throw, and a heating pad. Bring on the cold! (Just kidding)

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  1. Way to go girl. You'll be glad you have that electric throw! I know what you mean about the rain and dogs. Ours do a fine job of bringing in the great outdoors for us all to enjoy. Gotta love-em!