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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Add-on to Saturday's Earlier Post

Ah, the lovely sound of a Harley! There evidently was a rally here today and coming back from storage I got caught up in a massive traffic slow down, caused by all the people who had gathered along the way to watch, and of course decided to leave at the same time. Gene Lumus Harley Davidson is right across the highway from my campground and is always the staging point, and a couple of hours later I can still hear them going up to I-40. It's a nice sound but I wouldn't want to hear it very often.

I brought back a truckload of boxes from storage and have pretty much decided what will go where. I've put away all of the clothes, but the kitchen stuff will have to wait until tomorrow when I can buy something to line the shelves so things won't shift so much in transit.

I had a good morning - walked over to Burger King to get coffee & an egg biscuit. Later on I went down to the campground store and chatted about items I need to buy and how I didn't have a clue how to use them, namely hoses for waste disposal. Lucky for me one of the guys working there sold me the hose & connector and came to the campsite, hooked it up, leveled my rig and showed me exactly what and why he was doing everything, and then unhitched the 5ver for me, again explaining everything. I'm not sure if I will remember it word for word, but I think I'm understanding the "why's" of things, which helps. He also tested my Onan generator and affirmed that it worked. The seller bought it but had never used it - if I do any boondocking at all I'll be glad to have it.

I took a shower and washed my hair, but I had trouble adjusting the water - it went from cold to hot and back to cold. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Since I hadn't gotten my bath towels from storage yet, I had to use one of two that I keep to wipe the dogs off when they have been out in rainy weather or early morning dew. One had been used and one was clean, but I obviously got the wrong one because I got some dog hair on me!

Some of the boxes I packed are things I have already decided I won't use or don't want to give up the space to bring along. First thing to go back to storage is panty hose! Second, my high heel shoes. Third, anything that looks like make-up. Oh, blessed freedom!

I'm still debating about the desktop computer - I haven't brought it over yet and wonder if it will take up too much space. The thing is, I have so many programs & things on it that I want to keep, but I haven't suffered too much in the last 2 months without them, so maybe I can make do with the laptop (and the horrible Vista).

I apologize if I've repeated anything that I posted this morning.


  1. You have done so well!!! Congratulations! I love following your blog, you're so strong and courageous. I can't wait till you get settled enough to get on chat with us. We miss you.

  2. Wow Gypsy, I am so proud of you!!
    What an accomplishment for you.
    I too, love following your blogs. Please keep up with it. Good luck.

  3. Gypsy97,

    Hi my name is Pat. I have been following your blog. I'm glad that you got someone to go over some things with you. I'm so glad that you are not getting discouraged. I will continue to pray for you.