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Saturday, December 27, 2008

A bit sad this morning

I am really worried about Mandy, the smaller of my two dogs. She had been my ex-husband's dog, and when he died nearly two years ago, I took her back to NC with me. She's a sweet little thing, about 13 or 14 yrs old. I thought she was getting catarracts and knew her vision was getting worse by the week. When I saw a new vet in Asheville a couple of weeks ago, he told me she had glaucoma. Since yesterday she won't or can't even get up, and keeps rubbing her eyes. I think she may have gone completely blind. I picked her up and carried her outside this morning, but she isn't eating or drinking anythng - but did take the doggie biscuit I offered her this morning. It is very sad to me and I don't quite know how to handle it. It will be easier when we are in the 5ver I hope.


  1. Don't let her get dehydrated. Make some chicken broth and give that to her. Hopefully that will make her drink. Don't put too much in though. Getting a dog rehydrated is an expensive proposition!

  2. If you can get a tube of NutriCal and put some on your finger and get it in her mouth that helps, too. It is potent enough to sustain a dog, with enough doses. It works every time, for me anyway.
    It either makes them feel better and they eat, or they figure out that they would rather eat than have the NutriCal shoved in their mouth. It does have a pleasant taste to them though, and some animals just love it.
    I hope she feels better soon. Happy Trails, Penny, TX