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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dear Lord, please help me!

I am typing on the laptop so this will be brief. Steve & Mike went with me to NJ where we met Porter Adcock of the NuWa Owners Club & Carolyn, the seller. We got the rig hitched and l asked Steve to drive back and to stop at a parking lot closer to home, where I took over and practiced in a large empty area of the lot. Although I did well at turns, I tried many times to back into a space but just couldn't do it. I think it must be like when I had to learn to parallel park in order to get my driver's license at age 16 - after lots of practice it suddenly comes to you.

We brought the rig to an RV storage lot about a mile from Mike's home, but when trying to go through the unhitch process we realized we had no power at all. It turned out that the batteries were dead, probably due to being unused for a couple of years, so Mike used his jumper cables and we were able to get unhitched We will have to take the batteries to get them tested tomorrow, and possibly I will have to buy new ones. So stay tuned to find out what else can go wrong.

I've decided to stay and practice until I feel confident in starting out, but I will plan to use pull in campsites. I believe I will be ok once I get to the highway, and I can always stop at big empty parking lots along the way!

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