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Monday, December 29, 2008


I love it when I can get something settled. I called Cal Expo this morning and reserved a space for 30 days, beginning the 2nd of Jan. It is comforting to know where I will be for the next month, and I think I will enjoy the stay there. The only reason I can figure for the 30 day maximum stay, is that Cal Expo has events planned throughout the year and they like to keep spaces open for vendors. In January alone there is a Sportsmen's Expo, and a Home & Landscape Show.

I called the Nu Wa authorized service in West Sac this morning, but the service dept is closed until Jan 12th. I had hoped to get that taken care of before moving into Cal Expo, but I can wait. There is a recall on the Glide Rite pin box that needs to be done, and Nu Way sent me the parts.

I need to get ready now to take Mandy to the vet, so I will probably add to today's post later on this evening.

The dog has a huge ulcer on her left eye, and we came away with eyedrops + ointment. I think the drops is an antibiotic to prevent further infection. The vet put a collar on her so she can't paw at the eye and further irritate it, and it's comical to see her try to eat and drink with it on. It's difficult for her to get settled down also, and I really do feel sorry for her. I hope this takes care of the problem and she gets back to normal.

Steve and I went to get the propane tanks filled, and the man wanted to know if the tanks were for an RV. He kept directing his questions and comments to Steve, until he told the guy that actually his mom was the owner/driver of the rig. The man's eyes got real wide and he finally looked at me and then my truck, and asked "So YOU drive THIS truck and pull a 35 foot 5th wheel???" I'm finding that it is a common reaction--people just don't think of an older woman doing this sort of thing. I still feel sort of like an imposter who is trying to pass herself off as a fulltimer who knows what she's doing!


  1. We have the state fair at our fairgrounds and that's the only time you can't park there. It's a great place with full hookups. The limit is 2 weeks, that's the downsize. We've noticed a lot of fairgrounds have RV parking, good place to check out.

  2. Women everywhere are saying "Thank you" for showing the men of the world that we CAN wear the "big boy pants" too!! You are an inspiration!

  3. Way to Go, Gypsy! You show 'em!
    I hope poor Mandy gets some relief soon, poor baby. Please give her an extra hug from me.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX