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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Heading out of Texas today

I didn't get up as early this morning because I knew I couldn't access my coffee maker, so wouldn't be having breakfast at home. My kitchen counter makes an"L", with the sink facing the living area. There are 3 overheads, two are accessible to either side, and one is only accessible from the living room side. I couldn't put the sofa slide out because the electric post is on that side of my RV and it is a very tall one. There is no way that I see that I could have parked any differently to get that slide out. Well, the 3rd overhead cabinet is where I store my coffee maker and slow cooker! With the slide in I can't get to it. I usually just put the coffee maker back into the box and set the box under the dining table among the chair legs, but for some reason I decided to put it where it belonged. I had a cup of instant coffee this morning - YUK!

I took the dogs out before daylight. Behind the fence in the back of the property is a field with two oil wells, with one of them pumping this morning. They were both idle when I went out yesterday evening. They are so quiet it is sort of eerie, especially in the pre-dawn hours.

I'm running low on suppers, so I took chicken out of the freezer this morning and hope it thaws somewhat by this evening. I think I will make a stew in the slow cooker and let it cook overnight. It should be ready by morning, but how in the world will I carry it because it will be too hot to put in plastic storage containers. I'll have to see how warm the outside of the cooker gets - maybe I can set it in one of the sink bowls for the ride tomorrow.

I'd better start making my rounds to get the interior ready for travel. I always do the bedroom when I get up - put everything away and pull in the slide - so that's one part of the rig I can forget. I'll post later this afternoon, if possible.

I arrived intact at the Western Sky's RV Park in Vado, NM, just inside the border from Texas. I think the drive through El Paso was much worse than around Dallas-Ft. Worth, traffic wise. And this was at noon on a Thursday! I'd hate to be in rush hour traffic. There are high winds and dust blowing everywhere, and the rig is rockin & rollin.

Nothing much to report from Midland to Vado, except most of it was very flat. The speed limit along most of that road is 80 for cars, 70 for trucks, and 65 at night. Imagine the fuel efficiency at 80 mph! I stayed at 60-64 and it's just as well. I can't believe how many drivers just casually pull right in front of a large vehicle, be it an RV or truck. Do they have any idea how easily they could get run over?

I hope my rig doesn't get blown over by this wind. I'll be glad to see daylight tomorrow morning and move on out. I did get my tanks emptied and 2/3 tank of fresh water, but still no propane. I had hoped to get it here, but as the park is under new management they don't have the license to sell propane yet.

The owners seem to be quite young (at least to me). When I was registering, the young man came out from the office and said "Are YOU driving that RV?" "Yes, I am", I responded. "By YOURSELF???" I don't see that it's enough to make a great big deal about as I am sure there are other older women out there with more sense of adventure than common sense.

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