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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Sunday rolls around

First, thanks to everyone who posts such kind comments to my blog. Reading them is really uplifting, and when I get discouraged they keep me going.

I have developed a full fledged case of laryngitis and can barely squeak. I'm going to make a trip to Walmart this morning, and then back to storage for some more boxes. It's amazing that what looks like a lot of space when it's empty, begins to fill up fast. I still don't know about the desktop - I don't want the weight or the space it takes up, but I sure like the windows XP operating system a lot better. Vista seems to keep crapping out on me! O course, it could be the electric in my 5ver. Sometimes I think there could be outlets and/or lights that need to be looked at. Last night I noticed the light over the dining table stopped working. I had a spare bulb, so with a lot of trouble I got the covering off only to find that a new bulb didn't help. There are three bulbs, so maybe they all have to be working? I'll pick up some more at Walmart and try that. and start fixing meals rather than eat out.Meanwhile I tried to replace the fixture and couldn't get it to go back on.

I'm enjoying my first pot of coffee in my new home! Now I need to buy some food

I woke up early this morning (probably 2 or 4 am) to the sound of an alarm going off - outside somewhere, not in my 5ver. It kept up for some time, and I actually went outside to see if I could tell where it was coming from. I couldn't, but was pleasantly surprised to find out it had warmed up considerably. It's far from being warm, but it's above freezing.

One of the comments to my blog was about my profile regarding bluegrass. If anyone out there loves bluegrass as I do, you can go to bluegrasscountry.org. There is a registration and sign on procedure that allows you to use a higher quality transmission, but it's not totally necessary. I love the Ray Davis show, which is on from 3-6 pm EST Mon-Fri, and 10-1 on Sunday. On Sunday Ray's show follows a great 3 hr program of gospel music, called Stained Glass Bluegrass. When I lived in a house I listened to Ray Davis faithfully every day, ever since I found that I could get it over the internet. When I used to commute to work in Washington DC I found his radio program, and it probably saved my life! The heavy traffic and road rage was beginning to get to me, but you can't get mad when you're listening to those plumb pitiful tunes, or the fiddlin' or the gospel. I once found myself a couple of blocks from home praying that the traffic light would stay red so I could hear the rest of "hymn time", which is a Ray Davis tradition and ends each hour of his show. He is getting to be an old man now, and does a lot of reminiscing about the old days and the performers, and it's fascinating to hear his stories.

I need to get myself going this morning and I find I get tired really early in the afternoon and don't want to do much then. I had hoped to be in the RV-Dreams chat room last night but the computer suddenly stopped and I couldn't get it working again. I don't know if it's aliens or the fairies who have followed me from Ireland.

When I went back to proofread what I had typed I must have hit a key that brings up spell check, so a lot of words are highlighted in yellow. I hope they don't appear in the blog itself. Does anyone know how I can reduce the sensitivity of this keypad? It is driving me bonkers~


  1. Sounds like you are already having fun, and the tired feeling in the afternoon,...happens to all of us RV'ers, you need a nap.. LOL

  2. Hi gypsy, sorry I don't comment much but it takes so long for the comment box to come up. I think about you a lot though and look forward to seeing you back on chat. I'm glad you've got your 5er and are getting set up. Hope to see you in a warmer climate some time.

    For your keyboard, go to your control panel, there should be something there called keyboard or something like that.Good luck!

  3. Gypsy I follow your blog and your posts on the forum every day. My suggestion to you would be to take the desk top (it can't weigh that much). If you leave it in storage the battery will die and that would be expensive. If you take it you have your XP as a back up in case your Vista "pukes". I am glad you are paving the way for me and I will be out there with you if I ever find the courage to get out of the yard. Have fun!!

  4. Hi Gypsy, ... For some reason i had bookmarked your blog but it kept coming up as the Dec. 1st post,.. I have finally discovered all I missed! So I'm reading forward. I'm the bluegrass lover and I've made a note of the link to bluegrasscountry.org. I've just added you to my "following" list. OK,.. I'll get back to reading again!