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Saturday, December 6, 2008

In Asheville

I will try this one more time having written several posts last night and this morning that disappeared into the ether. I had problems with the electric last night and lost a very long post when everything went off, including the fan for the heater! Another cold night. Things are fine now and I'm waiting for the water to get hot enough to take a shower & wash my hair, and then I will try to get some of my belongings from storage.

I'm at Miles Motors for a week - CG, sales (Jayco) and service. I sure wish I had waited until arriving here before I had service done in PA. Just a quick glance at this operation will tell you it is far superior, including the tech. The campground is good with some mountain views, although it is in the Swannanoa Valley and you have to be up a bit higher in altitude to get the gorgeous views. This place is 2 miles from where I lived, and this is the first RV dealer I visited when I thought about fulltiming. They only sell Jaycos which aren't suitable for full time use, so I didn't go any further with it.

I am developing laryngitis I think, and from past experience I know it just has to run its course. Fortunately I'm only a few miles away from my doctor, and I'm glad to be in comfortable surroundings.

I just don't have the patience to go through all the difficulties I experienced between PA and here, except to say that I stopped the night before last at Walnut Hills CG in Staunton, VA. Very scenic, with level sites and friendly folks. It is one of the few in that area that is open for the winter. After asking the service folks at Keystone to check my propane levels, I thought they were adequate. Not so. I ran out about 6 pm on Thursday night and went to bed to stay warm. I was colder than any night I ever spent on the Appalachian Trail, when it got down to 18 degrees one night. I think the temp at Staunton was somewhere in the low 20's, and I tell you my hands and feet were numb!

I have been making one dumb mistake after another and wonder when things will start to be easier. I'm glad to be here for at least a week.

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  1. We have been cold too--our propane tank didn't auto-switch one night and it was also in the 20's. A word of advice get yourself a heated mattress pad--it will keep you warm as long as you have electric anyway. good luck