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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A very very rainy day

Today it is raining harder than yesterday. The rain hitting the RV seems much more intense than when you're in a stix&brix, and I listened to it all night long. To make matters worse, there is a little shelf next to one side of the bed on the slideout, and it was very wet this morning. I couldn't find any trace of moisture on the walls, rug, or anywhere else, so I think it must be a window seal. Of the items given the ok by Keystone Svc were the slide gaskets and window seals. I need to do a thorough check around the rest of the 5Ver to see if there are any more obvious leaks.

I took the dogs to the vet for a nail clip & check up before leaving. Mandy's eyes have a blue hazy film over them which I assumed was catarracts. Turns out she has glaucoma. Both dogs have lost weight since they were last at the vet, which is good in the case of Lady especially.

On my way to the vet I stopped in my dr.'s office and got an appointment for myself at 9:10 tomorrow morning. I hope I can stand another night of coughing and feeling miserable. I will just have to stand it.

I am tired of the rain because I have other things to do, like one last trip to storage to pick up important things I may need. With the heavy rain I can't set boxes in the back of the pickup so I will be limited to what I can fit on the passenger seat. I could leave the dogs here and use their space to hold storage items, which is what I just might do. They look so much more comfortable curled up on their big fluffy round doggie beds than in the small space of the extended cab.

When I went outside with the dogs this morning I noticed a nice Class B parked about 4 spaces over from me. Right now I think I could go for the ease and compactness of a Class B, although in reality I wouldn't want to full time in it.

Several people have mentioned a small electric heater as a way of conserving propane. I have thought of that, but I'm not sure where I could put it that it couldn't be tripped over by the dogs. How hot do they get? Can I set it on the dresser/vanity top? I hope to be in a much warmer climate soon so maybe I can just make do. I'm used to living in a cool house and just add and subtract layers of clothing depending on how active I am, but I think since I've been coming down with something I am more chilled than usual.

After searching a long time for suitable campgrounds close to the interstate, a light bulb went on it my head, and I thought "Marty, don't stress it. If you don't find a CG just stay at a Flying J or rest area on the interstate." I've never done it before, but I'm perfectly willing to try, and the Flying J would be my first choice, mainly because of the easy access to coffee & breakfast in the morning.

I hope I can shake the blah feeling and get something done today. I don't have time to loll around, but can't seem to get motivated at all. Nothing else to report.

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  1. Gypsy97

    You should get you a small electric heater. We have been RVing for 8 year. We have a Class A 40 ft. We have 2 small Electric Heaters, one for the front and one for the back.
    We sit one on the dresser in the bedroom and on the kitchen cabinet. I feel safer with them at eye level than on the floor. They are about the size of a gallon of milk. They do not get hot to the touch. They both osilate, keep the room/space comfortable. We do use the furnace if it is extremely cold, but if not that cold and we can get by with the heater, we use them.

    Some of the Flying J's are full so if you are going to spend the night in one, pull over before it gets to late and crowded. We only park in the Flying J, when we know we will be there for a limited amount of time. We always park in the front or on the side in full view of the store. I can remember a time when we tried to pull over for the night in an RV Park in certain areas, but after getting to the park, something did not feel quite right, and ended up staying at a Flying J because we felt safer. I find that God's give us a second sense. Since you are solo traveler please listen to your second sense. Today you have that positive sound back in your journal. I was a little worried about you yesterday, I prayed that God would surround you with peaceful/calming Angels.

    Destiny 1