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Monday, December 15, 2008

I made it past Dallas

I woke up to a very cold & drizzly morning in N. Little Rock, and as already decided, headed south on I-30 to meet up wih I-20. I left the CG at 8 am, took the wrong ramp and found myself headed back to LR. No problem - it was an easy circular route to make to get back on track, and Ms. Garmin agreed with me.

I-30 through Arkansas is a very nice route. There wasn't much traffic, and in fact most of the traffic when I left the campground was going the opposite way into LR. Once I got into Texas the traffic increased substantially, and about 50 miles out of Dallas an icy rain hit the windshield--more ice than rain. Ms. Garmin got a little upset when I turned onto 635-S rather than drive through Dallas, but kept recalculating and finally let me have my way. We are at Treetops RV Village in Arlington. I don't plan to unhitch because I want to get out of here in the morning, although the likelihood is that there will be sleet or snow by morning. The rig is slightly tilted and it's bugging me. I put out both slides on the "upside", when the heaviest slide is probably on the dining/entertainment side. With it in I can't access the kitchen unless I want to go outside and in the rear door. I'm debating adding some fresh water to my tank, but I think I'll hold off until I see if I can get into warmer weather tomorrow. I really don't want to do anything outside except for having to walk the dogs.

I can't say how pleased with myself I am that I maneuvered around Dallas. I think the Big D and Boston are the two cities that I hate to even think of driving near, and Dallas-Arlington-Ft. Worth is just too big for me. I'm not used to seeing so many malls as I saw on the way in!

I'm paying about $2.39 for diesel but have seen gasoline for as low as $1.44. Wonder how long it will last. The lowest price for diesel was 2.289 at Love's in Mt. Vernon, TX. I will try to avoid Love's whenever possible because they simply don't give you enough room. I wish they would post a sign saying "Trucks & RV's" if they don't mind RV's filling up in the truck lanes. At least Flying J usually has a separate RV Diesel lane(s). To someone who is new at this it is difficult to find my way into the proper section or lane. Most RVers have another set of eyes to look for signs while they, the driver, watch the proximity of islands, pumps, and other items just waiting to scratch or dent your rig. I do pretty well at watching the rig, but then I sometimes miss the sign.

Enough complaining about fuel stops. I would like to post my preference for small RV parks & campgrounds. It seems the larger they are the less space they give you, and the spaces are turned every which way in order to squeeze more of them in.

I'm off to walk the dogs, then I'm coming back in to stay and get into warm jammies & fleece robe at 6 pm! Decadent.....

This is a Passport America park so the fee is very reasonable, however, you have to pay a separate company, Tengointernet, $5 for 24 hrs of wi-fi, so that brings up the actual rate a bit higher. But it is close enough to I-20 which I will return to in the morning, and I was ready to stop for the night. I had thought I would drain the waste tanks and take on some fresh water but it is too cold and windy to do anything except hook up electric.

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  1. Charting your progress Great Job!!! Now if I can do so well.