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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Into Every Life.....

....some rain must fall, and freezing rain as well. I woke up at 6 am thinking I would try to get away early, like 8 am or so. When I took the dogs out for a walk before daylight, we nearly slipped down the steps which have a thin glaze of ice on them. A little before 8 am I went out to put the maps and things into the truck, and the windows are covered in ice - not the kind that cracks & scrapes away easily. So I will sit here and wait for a couple more hours and see what is happening. I found a radio station that gave a traffic report and it didn't sound good, but it's probably par for the course in any large metropolitan area: accidents, overturned vehicles, lanes blocked, icy patches on the roadway. Even if I can get away by 11 am, I might go as far as Abilene, but it looks like I might be staying another day. Dang, that means I will have to pay another $5 for internet! I also should dump my tanks & take on fresh water, but this isn't the optimum weather to do that. And of course there is the possibility of running pretty low on propane.

I'll check in later today, and I'll no doubt be here at the same campground.

LATER: I could have made it out of here today, but was just too chicken to try, so I paid for another night's stay. I think it will start to warm up early in the morning, so I'm hoping to leave at 9 am. I'd go earlier except I'm sure the interstate is jammed with commuter traffic and I sure don't want to get caught up in that!

I am so bored - if I had known I would have taken chicken out of the freezer last night and tried a crock pot meal today. I haven't had a slow cooker for a lot of years, but I thought I might try it again in the RV - less mess to clean up. I hope my vegetables keep ok until I can use them.

After I stopped by the office to pay for another night, I cross the road to the convenience store for a 6-pack. They have gas pumps as well as diesel, and the canopy looks very high - high enough for my rig to fit. The clerk was very friendly and told me they had a good price on diesel, but I couldn't see the sign and didn't ask the clerk how much. It will be so convenient to stop there I will pay whatever it is, and then I will be getting on the interstate with a full tank, not that it will last me for very long!

I tried hooking up the hose to discharge waste, but I can't get the cap off the discharge pipe. I either tightened it up too far or threaded it incorrectly, and it's too cold to be out there playing with it. If the weather was good there might be folks outdoors that I could ask, but winter in one of these places is forlorn! If I ever get the hang of things I think I will enjoy boondocking. I just need a quick & easy (and reliable) way to monitor my propane usage, and a little experience using the generator. That will happen in spring or summer however.


  1. That's the beauty of this life Gypsy, when the weather is against you, set back, read a book, surf the net, enjoy... there is no schedule.

  2. Hi Gypsy - we spent most of last summer at that campground. We carried away a dent in our old motorhome from a post in front the gas station across the street due to the tight turn and a truck that was in our way.

    We're stuck inside today as well, not fun to be outside. Safe travels,

  3. We have just been sitting here in the California desert reading your blog & having ourselves some good chuckles. We know how you feel & have pretty much done all the same bloopers & if we haven't, I'm sure we will. Great blog....You Go Girl:))

  4. Try this for getting the cap and hose off on your waste system.